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SANDAG Launches Free, Interactive Web Tool

Tool Provides Easy Access and Download of Regional Demographics Data

San Diego County CA— A treasure trove of current and historical demographics data about the San Diego region – including detailed age, gender, housing, income, and ethnic breakdowns by jurisdiction – is now available for anyone to use and download via a free, interactive web tool launched by SANDAG.

SANDAG recently created Data Surfer with the help of Mth Degree (theMthDegree.com), a San Diego-based firm specializing in brand, marketing and sales strategy, as well as, interactive integrated platform development and digital marketing. Mth Degree works to influence the hearts and minds of people through strategic solutions that drive engagement and create “wow.”

Data Surfer enables users to customize their own data sets through a series of intuitive menu options and download them into a variety of formats, including PDF, PNG, JPG, and SVG. The site provides access to census data and the agency’s growth estimates and forecasts through 2050, organized by geography (such as cities, school districts, community planning areas, major statistical areas, census tracts, and other units). Each report generated by the user contains interactive pie charts and bar charts showing breakdowns by race and ethnicity, housing types, age, and gender, as well as household income. Data Surfer also includes an application program interface (API) so developers can easily embed the data into their own sites or applications.

Data Surfer consolidates four separate websites that SANDAG used to operate: Data Warehouse, Profile Warehouse, Census Quick Facts, and City Profiles.

Designated as the San Diego Regional Census Data Center through the California Data Center Program and the U.S. Census Bureau, SANDAG is widely regarded as an authoritative source for demographics information in the region. SANDAG demographics data is frequently used by media sources, as well as public and private companies for planning purposes.

For a tutorial on how to use Data Surfer, visit: http://datasurfer.sandag.org/howto.

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