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Women’s Resource Center Joins the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge

Oceanside CA— Women’s Resource Center Joins the Allstate Foundation, Purple Purse Challenge North County residents can help provide life-changing services for domestic violence survivors.

On an average day, nearly 11,000 requests for emergency shelter, childcare and other services go unanswered due to a lack of funding at domestic violence nonprofits around the country. Even as demand for services increases, these programs continue to operate with limited resources.

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is trying to change those numbers, and Oceanside, California’s Women’s Resource Center has been selected as one of more than 160 participating nonprofits across the country to be a part of the Purple Purse Challenge, which raises funds for nonprofits serving domestic violence victims. Women’s Resource Center was chosen for its commitment to providing financial empowerment services to domestic violence survivors.

Through the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge at, each participating organization can raise program funds. To encourage public donations, the Allstate Foundation is investing $500,000 in Challenge sweepstakes and contests. In addition to donating through the Challenge, Purple Purse charms can be purchased for $10 at, with proceeds benefiting Purple Purse Challenge nonprofits.

One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. In 98 percent of cases, victims will suffer from financial abuse, which means abusers will deny them access to money and financial resources. Without resources of their own, victims are often unable to care for themselves and their families, find employment and housing or save for the future.

The Women’s Resource Center in Oceanside has been providing services to domestic violence survivors in North County for over 40 years. Interviews are available with representatives from Women’s Resource Center.

Supporters can donate from Oct. 1 through Oct. 27, 2015 during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.