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Running Tips from Endurance House

Orange County CA— For Orange County runners, San Diego offers countless races to runners and those looking to get moving this Fall including the iconic San Diego Triathlon Classic this September, the SoCal Youth Triathlon series this October and the O’side Turkey Trot in November. With training beginning, Endurance House, a premier retail location for endurance athletes in Laguna Niguel, is providing runners throughout the city and greater metro, with training tips on how to gear up for their next big race.

  • Invest In A Good Pair Of Running Shoes – This is key for injury prevention! When making a purchase it’s important to: go to a fitting after a workout so your foot is at its peek swell, select a tread fitted for the terrain you plan to workout on, identify your running style (forefoot runner vs. heel to toe), know your arch, test them out!
  • Develop A Training Plan – Create a running schedule of four to five days of running and at least two days of rest. For 5/10ks begin training six to eight weeks prior to race day, two to four months for half marathons and four to six months for full marathons.
  • Find A Friend or Run for a Cause – Help yourself stay motivated by running with a friend, joining a local running group or creating a purpose behind each step of training.
  • Fuel Your Body – Effective workouts demand proper nutrition in order to achieve long-term success. An hour before a workout you should intake low glycemic index carbs including, fruit and grains. Within a two-hour window after a workout, you should consume more proteins over carbs including eggs and lean meats.
  • Take Time To Recover – This is often the most underutilized way to enhance performance. Increase your flexibility and range of motion with a stretch routine, promote circulation by working your joints and release tension in muscles by rolling out with a foam roller.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a first timer, Endurance House is helping Southern California redefine its possible for this fall’s race season. For additional training support or to shop for your next race, visit: http://endurancehouseorangecounty.com/.

About Endurance House Orange County

Endurance House Orange County is a premier retail specialty store designed for endurance fitness enthusiasts to learn, shop and be part of a community. Focused on helping individuals redefine their possible, Endurance House Orange County is the primary destination for shoes, apparel, equipment and accessories designed for runners, walkers, cyclists and triathletes. Endurance House Orange County offers free fitting consultations for running shoes that include a proprietary technology-infused Endurance House Personalized Movement Profile™, an evaluation that consists of five custom phases and enables Endurance House Consultants to personalize and meet customers’ equipment needs. Endurance House Orange County is located at 24012 Aliso Creek Rd., Laguna Niguel, Calif., 92677. For more information, please visit www.endurancehouseorangecounty.com.