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El Niño Preparedness in Carlsbad

Carlsbad CA— It’s important to prepare now for the possibility of heavy winter storms that could cause mudslides, flooding, sink holes and dangerous driving conditions. The city has already taken steps to keep Carlsbad safe, and for our community to be fully prepared, we need help from residents and business owners as well.

Here are some tips to be prepared for the rainy season. More information is also available on the city’s website.

Before the Storm
  • Keep sandbags, plastic sheeting and other emergency building materials on hand.
  • Clear debris from all roof drains, gutters, downspouts and yard drains.
  • Trim trees, especially those with large over-hanging branches.
  • Get familiar with more than one safe route to higher ground from your home and workplace.
  • Make an emergency kit with flashlights, batteries, water and other essentials in case of a power outage.
  • Stay informed by registering your phone with alert San Diego, the county’s reverse 9-1-1 notification system. Visit to sign up for this free service.
  • Clean up pet waste and refrain from applying fertilizers and pesticides that could wash into storm drains.
  • Secure all loose lawn furniture or other loose items in your yard when a storm is approaching.
  • On trash pickup day, place collection carts two feet away from the curb. Make sure cart lids are completely closed and remove carts as soon as possible after they are serviced.
During the Storm
  • Be prepared for hazards associated with swiftly moving water, flooded areas, mudslides and wind-blown debris.
  • Never try to cross a flowing stream. Strong currents can knock you off your feet with as little as six inches of water.
  • Anticipate and prepare for increased traffic delays and road closures.
  • Drive slowly and avoid flooded areas. Swiftly flowing water as shallow as 1 foot can easily sweep a car from the road.
  • Obey road barricades and signs; never “sightsee” in areas with flooding or mudslides.
  • If advised by local authorities to evacuate, move immediately to a safe area.

Sandbags can be used to prevent or reduce flood damage and may be picked up at three city locations at no charge to Carlsbad residents, while supplies last.
City of Carlsbad Streets Division

405 Oak Ave.
8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Up to 10 pre-filled sandbags per resident are available.
Call 760-434-2980 to confirm availability.

Carlsbad Municipal Water District
5950 El Camino Real
8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
A limited number of filled sandbags are available.
Fire Station #5
2540 Orion Way
24 hours a day
A limited number of filled sandbags are available.

Sandbags, as well as “sandless sandbags,” are also available online or at some home improvement stores. For afterhours flooding or related emergencies, residents can call 760-931-2197. More information on using sandbags is available on the City of Carlsbad website.

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