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New Officers Sworn in During OPD 3rd Quarter Awards

Kari Winship

Kari Winship

Oceanside CA— The Oceanside Police Department held their quarterly awards ceremony, Wednesday October 21, 2015, recognizing outstanding work by department members, welcomed four new officers to the force, two new hires in the Records Division, one promotion and one retirement.

Kari Winship and Roasanna De Leon Gonzalez were welcomed to the departments Records Division. Kari is a Vista resident with a BA in Criminology and Justice Studies from Cal State San Marcos. Roasanna was unable to attend the event.

New Officers
Oceanside City Clerk, Zack Beck swears Oceanside's newest officers; Nicholas Fast, Katie Brunacini, Christian Kelly and David Kai Williams

Oceanside City Clerk, Zack Beck swears in Oceansides’ newest Police Officers; Nicholas Fast, Katie Brunacini, Christian Kelly and David Kai Williams

Nicholas Fast was born in Fallbrook and is currently an Oceanside resident. Previously, Fast spent seven years aboard Camp Pendleton as an ocean Lifeguard.

Katie Brunacini was born in Phoenix AZ and currently resides in Oceanside. Prior to becoming an Oceanside Police Officer, she was a Park Ranger in Los Angeles. Brunacini was ranked 2nd in the nation as a boxer in 2012 and Rhonda Rousey was one of her sparring partners.

Christian Kelly hails from Washington state and now resides in Oceanside. Kelly spent 5 and a half years working at In-n-Out Burger as an assistant manager and while in the Academy he was the recipient of the Marksmanship Award.

David Kai Williams was born in El Centro California and spent seven years as a Yuma Arizona Police Officer where he spent time on the Gang Unit, Crime Suppression Unit and was on the SWAT team.

Promotion to Sergeant
Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy with Sgt. Jim Ridenour

Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy with Sgt. Jim Ridenour

Officer Jim Ridenour was promoted to Sergeant. Ridenour, who has been with OPD for four years, was born in Santa Barbara California and has an AA in Criminal Justice. Prior to his service in Oceanside, he was an officer with the Stockton, California, Police Department for 16 years.

Cheif McCoy and Frank McCutcheon

Cheif McCoy and Frank McCutcheon

Frank McCutcheon retires after 27 years in law enforcement. McCutcheon began his career in law enforcement, after a serving in the USAF,  as a Corrections Officer with Santa Clara County. He served in Santa Clara for four years before moving to the Stockton CA, Police Department where he received numerous awards including the Award of Distinction from the California Police Association. From Stockton, McCutcheon joined OPD in January of 2012. McCutcheon was selected on two separate occasions as part of the Team of the Quarter and he was selected for the Gang Suppression Unit where he served until made the decision retire. Chief McCoy said “While performing your duties in this assignment, it was apparent that you were mature, poised and had the ability to perform under pressure. Time and time again you were commended by this organization, law enforcement officials from throughout San Diego County and the District Attorney’s office for your professionalism, knowledge and expertise.”

McCutcheon offered some advice for the new recruits. “Be safe. Time flies. The media is not being the best friend to us right now. Keep your heads up. Be good to the public but being safe is of the utmost importance for you and your families.”
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