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New Officers Sworn in During OPD 3rd Quarter Awards

Quarterly Awards

Administration Division Employee of the Third Quarter, 2015

Kim Watson, Communications Supervisor

Captain Sean Marchand and Kim Watson

Captain Sean Marchand and Kim Watson

Captain Sean Marchand wrote about Kim;
The Oceanside Police Department has been using a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System that has needed significant improvement for several years. The effort to identify an appropriate replacement CAD system has taken several years and when a vendor was finally identified it turned out to be the vendor for our existing system: TriTech Software Systems.

A CAD Committee was formed to aid in the implementation of this new system, of which you are a member. This committee was tasked with the development of the new CAD system and to ensure that input from the department as a whole was implemented as this system was designed. At the time this committee was formed, there was no a Communications Manager in place to assist this process and make final decisions at key points in the development of CAD. This was no easy task as you were placed in a position to gain consensus from your peers as the system was fleshed out. You took the initiative to take a lead role in the development of the CAD interface for our organization. You took the time to learn the background of this complex system in order to have a better understanding of the issues as they were discussed with the new CAD vendor’s engineers.

As this development process started drawing to a conclusion, you amended your focus of effort to training. You were a key player in the development of training for dispatchers and were present at all the training events held for them. Although the system was near completion, you took the concerns that came out of these training sessions and corrected the issues with the vendor.

Field Operations Division Employee of the Third Quarter, 2015

Dulci Van Sickle, Crime Prevention Specialist

Lieutenant Leonard Cosby with Dulci Van Sickle

Lieutenant Leonard Cosby with Dulci Van Sickle

Chief McCoy wrote abut Dulci;

For over five years you have served as the only Crime Prevention Specialist assigned to the Neighborhood Policing Team. You produce the weekly Sector Notes, ensuring valuable crime fighting information is communicated throughout the department. You have been trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and have conducted countless site analyses for business owners and residents. You also facilitate tours of the police station, attend various community meetings and assist citizens with Neighborhood Watch. With recent changes in the law, you have become involved in documenting the monitoring of California Assembly Bill 109 (AB 109) Post Release Offenders within our community. You also assist with maintaining records and organizing sweeps related to AB 109.

In the second and third quarters of 2015 the Community Service Officers (CSO) assigned to the Front Desk were impacted with staffing shortages for various reasons. For an entire month, we had only two CSOs, with one assigned to training a new employee. This was an extremely difficult situation for the already shorthanded staff to manage, especially considering the high volume of people and calls that normally come into the Front Desk. Without reservation, you completed full work shifts at the Front Desk on numerous occasions during the staffing shortage. While doing so, you completed dozens of reports and handled countless phone calls while still attending to your regular commitments with the Neighborhood Policing Team. You took on these added responsibilities while maintaining the excellent customer service and professionalism you are known for. You always display a great attitude and had an eagerness to help. Even after the Front Desk was back to full staff, you offered to help anytime in the future when needed.

Investigations Division’s Employee of the 3rd Quarter- 2015

Todd Ringrose, Investigator, RCFL Examiner

Captain Tom Aguigui and Todd Ringrose

Captain Tom Aguigui and Todd Ringrose

Captain Tom Aguigui wrote about Officer Ringrose’s efforts which led to his selection;

In August 2013, your were assigned to the Regional Computer & Forensics Laboratory (RCFL) based in San Diego. Your primary duties include supporting criminal investigations by conducting and documenting detailed forensic examinations on a host of electronic devices. In August 2013, Louigie Burmas was brutally murdered and discarded in the 600 Block of Arthur Street. A subsequent investigation led to the arrest of two suspects and the collection of over 400 items of evidence. Of these items, 100 were classified as “electronic related” evidence. In July 2015, as the criminal trial rapidly approached, the case prosecutor and the lead homicide investigator realized almost half of the electronic evidence had yet to be examined. Based on this discovery, both the prosecutor and the lead investigator immediately contacted you for assistance.

Without hesitation, you adjusted your already hectic schedule to attend a series of meetings with the prosecution team. During these meetings, you provided detailed forensic explanations and
documentation relative to the electronic evidence you already examined along with an aggressive plan to examine the electronic evidence pending analysis. This entailed spending long days at the department downloading and documenting forensic evidence from approximately 50 items. Your efforts led to the discovery of photographic evidence that enabled the prosecutor to link one of the two suspects to the crime. On October 2, 2015, a jury found both suspects guilty of murder. Your immediate response, experience, and relentless follow up clearly contributed to the success of this
case clearly warranting your selection as the Investigations Division’s Employee of the 3rd Quarter, 2015.
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