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New Officers Sworn in During OPD 3rd Quarter Awards

Selection of Team of the 3rd Quarter

Sgt. Jeff Novak, FET Marissa McLain, Officers Robert Moore, Frank Wagner, Sam Hay, Bobby Sterling, Gary Alexis, Jennifer Torres, Jose Perez, Robert Sarracino, Jose Lopez, Jose Gomez, Ronald Nevares, Derek Baray, Frank McCutcheon, Larry Weber, David Williams
Detectives Tiffany Hogan, Bill Wallace, Marc Kalb and Karla Williams
Dispatchers Faleseu Moi, Lynette McMahon, Kim Watson, Rebecca Watson, Joann Vidal, and Brett Gregory

On July 7, 2015, five juvenile suspects went on a burglary spree in the area of North Santa Fe and Mesa Drive. The suspects burglarized five homes while operating in two separate groups. During their spree they also attempted to burglarize an occupied residence. All of this took place in an area covering over 1.4 miles in a 1.5 hour time frame. Officers responded to the reports of the first burglary and the attempted burglary and quickly disseminated the information. Items reported stolen were several loaded firearms, currency, electronics and jewelry. Property and suspect description was broadcasted. Additional units, along with ASTREA were brought into the area. ASTREA announced over the P A system the description of the suspects, which resulted in over 100 9-1-1 calls to Dispatch, providing leads to units over the next hour.

As officers arrived in the area, residents reported another burglary in progress in the 1400 block of Powell Road. As officers established a perimeter, three of the suspects were seen by residents and ASTREA fleeing through the neighborhood. The suspects were able to change their clothing, conceal most of the stolen property at various locations, and then tried to blend into the community. Officers located and detained two of the three suspects, while the third suspect was unknowingly boarding a NCTD bus. A search of the area revealed a large quantity of stolen property, including one of the firearms.

Patrol and GSU officers conducted a canvass of the area for evidence, witnesses and additional victims. While processing the scene and recovered property, FET McLain located critical evidence. Meanwhile, there were three more victims that returned home to discover their residences too had been burglarized. The suspects in custody were interviewed and confessed to the crime, in addition to identifying the remaining three suspects. The information received was processed and shared with detectives, who then contacted the remaining suspects over the following days. Stolen property was located at two of the suspects’ residences. One of the suspects took officers to the location of a stolen shotgun they had buried.

Administration Division Volunteer of the Third Quarter, 2015

Patrick Samson, Volunteer
Patrick was unable to attend. Captain Sean Marchand wrote the following;
You retired as a Hospital administrator from up north and are married with three sons. You take care of your wife and you enjoy playing bridge together when you are not diligently volunteering
your time at the Oceanside Police Department. You joined the Oceanside Police Department in the capacity of Senior Volunteer Police Patrol (SVPP) in 2006. You assisted with vacation checks, YANA (You Are Not Alone) checks, checkpoints and other duties related to this volunteer position.

You transferred from the SVPP to the Police Volunteer position in 2008 and you were assigned to the Property Crimes Unit. While so assigned, you became involved with the filing of pawn slips. You primarily work with the pawn shops: Gem N Loans and Bargain Pawn. Fellow volunteer Marne Armstrong stated you have taught her a lot about the filing of pawn slips and are always willing to help her with tasks related to them. You are a valuable member of the Property and Financial Crimes Unit. You display a positive attitude and can be counted on to come in every week. You have contributed your time and energy to OPD for nine years. It is my privilege to recognize you by selecting you as the Administration Division Employee of the Third Quarter, 2015.

Senior Volunteer Patrol Program Member of the Third Quarter, 2015

Mary Klein, Senior Volunteer Patrol Program Member
Mary was unable to attend. Captain Fred Armijo wrote;
You joined the Senior Volunteer Patrol Program (SVPP) in September of 2014. In less than a year you have made outstanding contributions to the program. You have worked over 465 hours. You also volunteered your marketing skills by developing a new recruitment poster.
You made sure that every member of our community that is part of our You Are Not Alone (YANA) program received a visit and gift on Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition, you recently purchased colorful plastic containers for the first aid kits.

You currently serve on the Department’s logo committee and are routinely bringing forward creative ideas to make the SVPP more efflcient and productive. You volunteer twice per week and are available to flll in when others cannot. Your partners are very fortunate to have you as a member of the program and describe you as an “Over the top” volunteer. Based on your outstanding
contributions, it is my privilege to select you as our Senior Volunteer Patrol Program Member of the Third Quarter, 2015. Thank you so much for all of your great service.