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Snapshots from Halloween Dance O’rama 2015

Oceanside CA— The Filipino-American Cultural Organization (FACO) held its annual Halloween Dance O’ Rama on Saturday, October 25, 2015 at the Oceanside Senior Community Center.

The organization has been holding the event since 2001 event as a way to bring fun and camaraderie to its members, their families and to anyone who wants to join the party and learn more about the group.

Director Mely Sivage said “It’s a great way to get people out for some fun at a very low price.” The tickets were $20.00 and the price included dinner with a wide variety of traditional desserts from the Philippines. Dancing, a photo booth, raffles and a costume contests were all part of the nights festivities

The winners of the costume contests were;

Most original costume female:
1. Emelita Moll
2. Ann Bliss
3. Sheila Butler

Most frightening costume female:
Collie Ladisla

Most original costume male:
Everette Labarge

Most frightening costume male:
Jonathan Enerva

Most original costume couple:
Bob and Dina Hamilton

Children ages 1-5 yrs:
Taylin Iman
Gavin Harris

Children 6-12 yrs
Amanda Hanson
Cali Stone

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