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Scholastic Surf Series Division 5 High School Results

Mission Beach CA— The season opener for San Diego High School Division 5 Surf Teams was off to a good start with 2 to 4 foot surf and fun conditions in the morning. The tide eventually drained out in the afternoon but still made for a very contestable event with lots of smiling faces collecting their first finalist medals for the season at the end of the day.

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Team Results Division 5

Eastlake 61                            def      Army Navy Academy 0

High Tech 59                       def      Waldorf San Diego 25

Granite Hills 49                      def       Serra 40

Sage Creek 53                        def       La Jolla Country Day 37

San Marcos “B” 50                def       Steele Canyon 39

Rancho Bernardo 41              def       Fallbrook 37

Army Navy Academy 44       def       Francis Parker 10

Mission Hills 64                     def       Fallbrook 0

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Garrett Edwards, Sage Creek
  2. Cole Hurst, High Tech
  3. Dawson, Daugherty, Mission Hills
  4. Drake Mason-Kohler, Waldorf SD
  5. Trent Smith, Waldorf SD
  6. Noah Jackson, High Tech

Mens Longboard

  1. J T Dunn, Serra
  2. Chris Humphries, Serra
  3. Trent Smith, Waldorf SD
  4. Gabe Vecchio, Sage Creek
  5. Chris Fandy, Sage Creek
  6. Braden Farris, Steele Canyon

Womens Shortboard

  1. Rebecca Siegler, Francis Parker
  2. Kamden Miller, Sage Creek
  3. Breanna Boomhower, San Marcos
  4. Kornelija Newcomer, San Marcos
  5. Kodie Bell, Granite Hills
  6. Samantha Chavez, High Tech

 Womens Longboard

  1. Maddie DeVilbiss, Sage Creek
  2. Cheyenne Kahleck, Granite Hills
  3. Caitlin Keane, La Jolla Country Day
  4. Breanna Boomhower, San Marcos
  5. Kornelija Newcomer, San Marcos
  6. Braciella Bragg, High Tech


  1. Hunter Lindgren, San Marcos
  2. Tristan Romero, Granite Hills
  3. Alex Humphries, Serra
  4. Michael Mongiello, Steele Canyon
  5. Chase Ahren, High Tech
  6. Nathan Hull, Waldorf SD