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Oceanside Republican Women Host James V. Lacy, November 11

Oceanside CA— The Oceanside Republican Women Federated will host guest speaker, James V. Lacy, author of the book on California’s economic decline, “Taxifornia”. Californians are the victims of the heaviest taxation in all America and those high taxes are now steadily destroying the state economy. Mr. Lacey will speak during a luncheon meeting on Wednesday, November 11th. Due to Veteran’s Day ceremonies, the meeting will begin at 12:45 P.M. and will be held at the El Camino Country Club, 3202 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA .

Tax and spend liberals who are in control have created a state that taxes and regulates more than any other state in the country and have engineered a rotting economy with among the highest unemployment of any state in the nation. It high taxes hurt all Californians by making the state too expensive for businesses to term profitable. Businesses flight business flight has become endemic.

California’s over regulation of business depresses employment in the state. A widely accepted tenet among liberal politicians, political science academics and in the media California is that no development, at all, is a good thing.

As a state that educates the worst but pays the best to its teachers, California is a place widely considered by most CEOs to be one of the worst locations in the nation to run a business. Where local governments are going bankrupt and where out of control to control public employee pay and pensions system threatens to gobble up and divert almost all available taxpayer resources to a point where cities and counties simply cannot afford to pay for police, fire or road maintenance anymore.

California has an outdated environmental policy and an energy policy that makes the state almost totally dependent on one source of power; imported natural gas.

It is a place where the public employee union worker who controls traffic in the Bay Area Rapid Transit District maintenance yard, in poverty stricken and near bankrupt Oakland, is paid more annually than the Chief Justice of the United States of the Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

James Lacey has been recognized as a warrior for the free market and for taking back the state of California one fact at a time. Lacey is an economist who believes knowledge is power in making California great again for the future of our children and grandchildren. His grasp of laws and taxes and punitive regulations and how they impact our daily lives is powerful. If you want to understand why it is becoming more difficult to start and run a business and prosper in our “golden state”.

Please join us. To RSVP contact Saundra at (760) 492-1774.