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Mina Jo Sirovy, PhD, 1934-2015

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Mina Jo Sirovy, PhD (Doctor of Psychology) born August 19th, 1934 in Polson Mt, changed residence from Oceanside Ca on October 31st, 2015 to go live in Heaven with all the other angels.

If you ever met our Mom it was probably because you were either needing counseling or just simply wanting a kind word. Mina Jo Sirovy, PhD had a knack for attracting lovely people who simply needed someone to help them navigate back to sanity or to sane situations. Her passion to help you in whatever your need was – was simply, her life goal.

Mina grew up achieving Valedictorian status all thru High School and College. She graduated from Polson High School, Magna Cum something in several Colleges and finally graduated with her PhD in Psychology in her late 30’s in San Diego. She was now officially equipped to save the world.

During that time she married a career Air Force Pilot and gave birth to two especially beautiful daughters (can you tell who’s writing this)? Jo Lynn Barnicoat and Kim Barnicoat-Greenler. Her 1st marriage was to the love of her life but unfortunately it suffered from the separation military life can bring. She did go on to marry 2 more times to very nice gentlemen, Bill Johnson and the recently passed Robert Sirovy of Vista.

In her early 20’s Mina pursued a career in modeling and over several years became a much sought after bathing suit model and modeling instructor. She was one of “those” people who had to drink multiple chocolate shakes to keep the weight on.

Being someone who was not only beautiful on the outside but also of “Mensa” level intelligence . . . she pursued her dream of helping others by studying Psychology and Counseling. She was thrilled to hang her own “shingle” in the early 1980s in Vista and later Carlsbad California and had her own weekly call-in radio show. The things she disliked the most in her career were testifying in family court regarding heart wrenching custody cases and doing all the long involved insurance paperwork. Her loves were truly helping people understand how special they were and seeing themselves beautiful even in all their personal chaos.

Mina loved to go out to eat, loved movies and popcorn, and she especially loved the sea air and the beach. Family was everything to Mina and everyone who met Mina felt her genuine kindness and just how special and gentle she was.

Mina is survived by her younger brother David Haight, who is a professor of Philosophy in New Hampshire . . . and oh the many late night debates and conversations those two had – as well as the loving sibling ribbing and deep belly laughs they shared.

Mina is also survived by two daughters who will carry on her legacy, 4 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. All who will miss her terribly.

Instead of flowers we bring you a special request from Mina: please do a random act of kindness for some undeserving (or even deserving) poor soul in remembrance of her.
Thank you for all the sweet goodbyes and prayers for our Mom and our family. Mina was deeply loved and a truly wonderful and beautiful lady.