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OHS Principal Dr. Ron Pirayoff , Athletic Director, Dave Barrett and Joe Salave’a

OHS Receives Two Gold NFL Footballs

Oceanside CA  One of the more unique ways the NFL is celebrating Super Bowl 50 is by sending a gold football to every high school in the world that’s produced a player or coach who has appeared in a Super Bowl. Oceanside High School is one of just a handful of schools that can boast of more than one player and was presented with two Gold Footballs from the NFL, Thursday afternoon.

“Three core values of Oceanside High School; Achievement, excellence and pride. Pride in Oceanside”  said former Pirate Head Coach, John Carroll  as he spoke to open the assembly in the Wally Molifua Gym.

 Joe Salave’a

Joe Salave’a

Students along with Oceanside City Council and OUSD Board members were on hand to celebrate Oceanside’s 16th CIF Football Championship along with receiving the two special footballs.

Joe Salave’a who played for the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV presented the first football. “You don’t have to be an athlete to be a success story.” he told the students,”All you need to is make sure you work hard. You make the sacrifices. Everything you do today impacts your future. Everything you do everyday will put you that much closer on the journey to that dream.” continued Salave’a “It doesn’t come easy. Make sure your effort is worthy of your goal because somebody else in the world is vying for the same opportunity.” Mr. Salave’a then presented the ball to OHS Principal Dr. Ron Pirayoff and Athletic Director, Dave Barrett exclaiming that he will “forever bleed the green and black.”

The second football was presented by Junior Seau’s sister, Annette and their parents who received a standing ovation from everyone in attendance as they approached the podium. “It is truly a blessing to be standing before all of you and honor you guys with this golden ball. It’s a dream come true to give back to the high school that Junior started at.” said Annette.

The NFL estimates that over 3,000 players have played in a Super Bowl, along with 52 coaches. The league invited some of those 3,000 players to personally deliver the gold football to their individual high school.

The Pirates continue their quest for another state title when they take on La Mirada, Friday night in La Mirada, 13520 Adelfa Dr. at 7:30pm.

Golden Footballs

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