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New Laser Therapy Helps Women with Vaginal Atrophy

Tri-City Medical Center and partner Radiance OB-GYN are helping patients with a new state-of-the art fractional carbon dioxide laser, MonaLisa Touch®

Oceanside CA— Up to 40% percent of women will experience vaginal atrophy as a symptom of menopause and even more will experience it after breast cancer treatment or childbirth. To help bring them comfort and confidence, Tri-City Medical Center affiliate Dr. Jan Penvose-Yi has integrated a groundbreaking laser technology into her practice, Radiance OB-GYN, 3998 Vista Way in Oceanside.

Designed to address a number of common vaginal conditions and complications, the MonaLisa Touch® allows women to treat pain and discomfort while regaining confidence through a quick, painless and minimally invasive procedure.

“When estrogen levels fall, gynecological changes can occur, causing pain and discomfort as well as emotional strain,” explained Dr. Penvose-Yi. “This is an outpatient treatment that can be completed in the privacy of my office with virtually no pain.”

After life events such as childbirth, menopause and breast cancer, women often face symptoms of discomfort or conditions including dryness, burning, pain during intercourse and/or urinary incontinence as a result of decreased estrogen levels. Ranging from uncomfortable to problematic, these issues have a profound impact on women’s health, quality of life and even sense of self. The MonaLisa Touch works to resolve and prevent gynecologic conditions related to estrogen deficiencies by stimulating collagen production in the vaginal mucosa. Its carbon dioxide fractional laser causes micro-lesions to activate tissue regeneration through a pain-free, safe process. Improvements are often noticed after just one treatment, with most patients seeing marked results after three.

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