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OPD Color Guard members Bob Moore and Bill Weese

12th Annual Oceanside Police Department Member Recognition Luncheon

Oceanside CA—  The Oceanside Police Department held their Annual Member Recognition Luncheon on Wednesday, January 27, 2016, honoring officers and staff members for their distinguished service in the fourth quarter and the year, 2015 including OPD Officer of the Year. The 12th annual luncheon was held at the QLN Conference Center and was sponsored, at the ‘Platinum Level’, by Genetech, Oceans Eleven and QLN with food by; That Boy Good.

Senior Volunteer-Honorable Service Award

Loren Dierking
Loren Dierking and Oceanside Police Chief, Frank McCoy

Loren Dierking and Oceanside Police Chief, Frank McCoy

“We have one of the best senior volunteer programs anywhere” said Oceanside Police Department Chief, Frank McCoy, “We have over 70 members that visit our elderly population everyday that is something we could never do and provide a service we could never provide. It’s just a blessing, not just for the department but for the city, that we have so many folks dedicated to this program and provide this service for our seniors and to the community.” continued the Chief, “One senior volunteer I would like to recognize today, when you think about it, has accomplished something pretty amazing. He has been with us as a volunteer, a Senior Volunteer, for over twenty years.”
“I really appreciate receiving this award. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the OPD and an enjoyable experience over the past 20 years. “said Loren Dierking “I hope we have been of service over that particular time.”

Recognition of Lieutenant Leonard Cosby by the Senior Volunteer Patrol

Lieutenant Leonard Cosby,Poly Alonso and Leo Bates

Lieutenant Leonard Cosby, Poly Alonso and Leo Bates

Lieutenant Cosby was recognized by the Senior Volunteers for his work with the group. Due to shift rotation, a new assignment and pending retirement theSVPP honored the Lieutenant for his service with the group and presented him with a framed poem, signed by all the Senior Volunteers, expressing their gratitude. Poly Alonso told the Lieutenant “If retirement gets to intense, there is always a white shirt waiting for you.”
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