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Scholarships Available from Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation

Oceanside CA— Graduating high school seniors from North County San Diego seeking to further their education in arts may apply for Performing Arts Scholarships or Visual Arts Scholarships from Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation.

The awards for Performing Arts in theatre, music, or dance are based upon students’ experience and contributions to their performing arts program. The Visual Arts awards are intended for student visual artists specializing in unique artwork such as paintings, sculptures, stained glass, ceramics, fine jewelry, digital media, and photography, and based upon their experience and accreditation from contests and visual arts programs.

To be considered for a scholarship, candidates from North County San Diego must submit a typed 1-2 page application, which includes the following information:

  1. Whether you are applying for support in Performing Arts or Visual Arts
  2. Name, current telephone number, and mailing address, email address, name of high school
  3. High school coursework in the arts field, including completed and current
  4. Additional outside or extracurricular arts experience and contests
  5. Future educational and career goals
  6. How this scholarship would benefit and/or assist the applicant
  7. Why this scholarship should be awarded to the applicant.

Letters of recommendation from high school instructors may be optionally included. The documents must be accompanied with proper video recording or illustration of the student’s talent (storage media will not be returned).

Performing Arts applicants must include a video of their own performance. The recording should be no longer than five minutes, of 640×480 or greater resolution, and preferably playable on Blu-ray or DVD players. Video data files on flash drives or discs are permitted but must be only in QuickTime, MP4, or WMA formats. No Audio CDs, YouTube, or other forms of video social media are allowed. Applicants are asked to make sure their music, dance, or dramatic presentation underscores their talents and shows performers at their best. The camera should be focused on the performer rather than a large group.

Visual Arts applicants must submit minimum three photo examples of their own work either on printed photo paper or in digital format, such as DVD, SD card, or flash drive. The photos should showcase the student’s best efforts and participants are asked to make sure their submitted work is representative of their talents. Students are advised not to email photos of their work.

Scholarship packages should be mailed to Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation, PO Box 3054, Oceanside, CA, 92051. Application deadline is Friday, April 29, 2016. For more information email to ocaf@ocaf.info or see www.ocaf.info

About OCAF

Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation is a non-profit company with over 25 years of history known for its support of visual, performing, literary, and film arts. Its flagship event Oceanside Days of Art, 24th annual festival, will take place in April. OCAF is an organization of charitable nature whose goal is to broaden the cultural, artistic, musical and performing arts in Oceanside and the surrounding communities. All proceeds from its events are used to provide scholarships to graduating high school seniors (not just from Oceanside but from throughout North County San Diego) pursing artistic and performing arts degrees, and to organize more quality events in this city.