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SeaWorld Goes Wild in March

San Diego CA— It’s a wild world out there and SeaWorld® San Diego is the place to celebrate amazing animals and the wonder of nature each weekend in March during the park’s must-see Wild Days event! Guests will not only get up close with SeaWorld’s zoological team, world-renowned animal experts Julie Scardina and Jack Hanna, and Rachel Reenstra, the host of the Emmy-nominated TV show, “Wildlife Docs,” but will meet some incredible animals and learn firsthand how they can make a difference for wildlife and wild places with their own everyday actions.
“We all affect wildlife through the choices we make every day,” said SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Animal Ambassador Julie Scardina, who will present during Wild Days on March 12–13. “I’ve devoted my life to animals and conservation and love to share the fun, inspiration, interaction and information about the animals I get to work with. At Wild Days, you can learn what decisions are good for wildlife and what each of us can do to help all animals.”

Along with a fantastic lineup of shows and presentations featuring today’s leading animal ambassadors, Wild Days will also engage visitors with immersive, hands-on activities that allow them to get closer than ever to the wonderful world around us and better understand the impact humans can have on our environment.

“We have rescued a record 1,200 sea lions and seals over the last 14 months, and unfortunately, many of the injuries sustained by these animals are a result of human actions,” said Jody Westberg, who leads SeaWorld’s Rescue Team and will participate in Wild Days first weekend. “We’ve rescued animals entangled in fishing line, suffering from gunshot wounds and some that have ingested trash. We have to share the ocean with the animals that live there, and Wild Days gives us a great opportunity to let our guests know what they can do to protect them.”

In addition to a different show at Mission Bay Theater each weekend, there will be bonus presentations at the Wild Days Amphitheater. Guests can also dive into the world of killer whales with SeaWorld’s animal training team as they share how they care for the park’s family of killer whales in the educational presentation, Killer Whales: Up Close.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing all my friends at SeaWorld in San Diego,” said animal expert Jack Hanna, whose show will be March 19-20. “I’ve been visiting for more than 25 years and am always impressed by their commitment to the animals in their care.”

All of SeaWorld’s seasonal events are included with park admission, but the best way to enjoy all the fun is to purchase a 2016 SeaWorld Fun Card, which currently costs $10 less than single-day admission, so guests can visit all year. Advance purchase only.

Wild Days Highlights:

March 5–6: “Sea Rescue” Weekend
Members of SeaWorld’s Rescue Team, some who have been featured on the popular ABC TV show, “Sea Rescue,” will share stories of their involvement in the rescue, rehabilitation and return of marine animals back to the wild. Ruby the screech owl and Megan the fur seal will be featured at a panel discussion on rescued animals that were given a second chance at life, but would not be able to survive on their own in the wild. Ruby and Megan have both been given homes at SeaWorld and have become amazing ambassadors for their species.

March 12–13: Julie Scardina Weekend
SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Animal Ambassador Julie Scardina will share stories about her lifelong love of animals, SeaWorld’s commitment to wildlife conservation, and what park visitors can do to help stop the decline in many species of animals.

March 19–20: Jack Hanna Weekend
Guests can join world-renowned animal expert Jack Hanna—also referred to as Jungle Jack—to meet some astounding animals and hear about their compelling stories. The star of two nationally broadcast TV shows detailing his international animal adventures, Hanna will also share his personal experiences about his travels around the world to raise awareness of animals and the challenges they face in the wild. SeaWorld premium pass members have exclusive access to reserve a seat to see Jack’s show.

March 26–27: “Wildlife Docs” Weekend
Rachel Reenstra, host of the Emmy-nominated television show, “Wildlife Docs,” will introduce guests to some of SeaWorld’s most-loved animal ambassadors and recount stories of animals that doctors at Busch Gardens® have helped through the park’s life-saving and life-enriching programs.
Conservation Connection (every weekend)

The Wild Days Conservation Connection area, located between Shark Encounter® and Sea Lion and Otter Stadium, will give guests plenty of opportunities to learn more about being responsible stewards of the environment and how they can help protect animals in the wild. Happenings at Conservation Connection’s Wild Days Amphitheater will include fun and inspirational presentations, while interaction and photo opportunities with some of SeaWorld’s most unique animal ambassadors, including Humboldt and Magellanic penguins, will take place at the Wild Days Outpost. Conservation Connection will also feature informational booths from the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund and SeaWorld’s education & conservation department. SeaWorld’s veterinarians and trainers will also be on hand to share their experiences of working with some of the world’s most incredible animals.

In addition to Wild Days, other upcoming seasonal events include Magic Weekends (weekends April 2–May 1); SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival (select dates May 7–June 12); Summer Nights (select dates May 28–Sept. 5); Summer Vibes (select dates Jun. 25–Aug. 14 ); all-new Fiestas Patrias (select dates Sept. 3–Sept. 18); SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular® (weekends Sept. 24–Oct. 30); and SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration® (Nov. 18, 2016–Jan. 1, 2017).

SeaWorld is open year-round including holidays. Parking is $16; $11 for motorcycles; $21 for RVs and Up-Close. Admission is $89 for ages 10 and older; $83 for ages 3–9; free for under 3. Promotional offers available online, including the 2016 Fun Card (save $10 on single-day admission and visit all year). Visit www.SeaWorldSanDiego.com or call (800) 257-4268 for hours and information.