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The Alemian File: Episode 10-The Death of a Breadwinner

By David Alemian

The death of a breadwinner is one of the Seven Retirement Killers™.  Protection from this retirement killer is very simple; it’s called life insurance.   The problem is, most people do not have the proper amount and/or type of life insurance to suit their needs.

Imagine what would happen to a family financially if the income from the breadwinner, or one of the breadwinners suddenly and permanently stops.  It’s bad enough in a two breadwinner home, it’s absolutely devastating in a single breadwinner home.  Add to that the stress from the loss of a precious loved one, and it becomes unthinkable.  The surviving spouse needs time to stop and grieve, yet the bills don’t stop. Life insurance can’t bring back your loved one, but it can replace the financial loss. The purpose of life insurance is to replace the financial loss resulting from the death of the insured.

Let’s start by calculating how much protection you and your family need.  Begin with the income of each breadwinner and multiply that amount by the number of years until retirement.

For example a 45 year old male, earning $100,000 per year, with plans to retire at age 65, would have 20 years of income ahead of himself.  You also want to factor in raises and bonuses over that time period.  This means a 45 year old male earning $100,000 per year, would want to buy 25 times their income, or 2 ½ million dollars in life insurance death benefit.

The next thing you need to do is get out your calculator and figure out how much life insurance you need.  Simply multiply your income by the number of years you will continue to work and then add in five more years of income.

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