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Nordson Corporation Expands Advanced Manufacturing Footprint in Carlsbad

Carlsbad CA— Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall to announce the opening of Nordson Corporation’s (NASDAQ: NDSN) new 93,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility in Carlsbad.

Building upon its presence in Vista and Carlsbad, the new Nordson facility will employee more than 500 in advanced manufacturing jobs along the 78 Corridor. The company’s Carlsbad campus is home to several businesses in Nordson’s Advanced Technology group, including Nordson ASYMTEK, DAGE, YESTECH, Matrix and MARCH. The new facility will house manufacturing, demonstration labs and factory support staff for Nordson’s Advanced Technology group. Providing production flexibility and room for expansion, the new facility represents Nordson’s commitment to the 78 Corridor.

In order to support the advanced manufacturer, the city of Carlsbad – in conjunction with San Diego Regional EDC – worked to uncover specific site issues, expedited review and business liaison services to connect to regional and state resources.

“Nordson is an important company to the City of Carlsbad and the greater 78 Corridor region and we are so pleased they are growing” says Carlsbad’s Mayor Matt Hall. “We look to advanced manufacturers like Nordson to pave the way for smaller companies who may thrive on their presence and to attract high quality talent to the region.”

After manufacturing in Carlsbad and Vista is complete, Nordson’s machines are shipped globally to assist production at large, global companies as well as smaller, highly-specialized facilities. Nordson’s customers use this equipment to manufacture products from semiconductors, mobile phones and automotive dashboards to diapers and syringes. “Nordson’s decision to grow in Carlsbad is a mark of the collaborative culture of the 78 Corridor, and of the broader San Diego region,” says Matt Sanford, economic development director at San Diego Regional EDC. “As a leader in advanced manufacturing – with operations in 30 countries – Nordson is impacting a wide array of industry sectors and businesses across the globe.”

On March 22 a ribbon-cutting ceremony will include facility tours and light refreshments. Nordson’s CEO, Mike Hilton, will attend, as well as several local business and government leaders.