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HireAHelper Launches First Comparison Shopping Engine for Moving Services

A start-up company based in Oceanside, Moving 101™ offers side-by-side pricing comparisons for rental trucks, portable containers and freight containers

Oceanside CAHireAHelper, an online marketplace for do-it-yourself movers looking to hire well-qualified loading and unloading labor, recently announced the launch of Moving 101™ – the first online price comparison engine for moving services.  Moving 101 is a pricing comparison engine that allows consumers to conduct a side-by-side pricing and service evaluation for rental trucks, portable containers and freight containers.  For the first time anywhere, consumers can compare average pricing on local, medium-distance, and long-distance moves from major U.S. moving brands – all from a single view.

“By launching Moving 101, we’re attempting to bring a greater level of pricing transparency to consumers that are actively planning their big, or small, move,” said Mike Glanz, Co-Founder and CEO of HireAHelper.  “Until now there’s been no single resource that provides a comprehensive overview of all the various moving options and pricing for these services.  Moving isn’t something people do every day or every year – so having access to this type of information is fundamental to educating themselves on market prices and service levels.”

In addition to providing consumers with an industry landscape of moving services and pricing, HireAHelper’s side-by-side comparison also offers average reviewer ratings and thousands of individual consumer reviews.  Moving 101 also includes a number of helpful “insider tips” that are universal for any size move.  Paired with these useful moving tips, consumers will also find a guide to determining the most appropriate rental truck, offering specifications on every size moving truck from every major rental provider.

“Let’s face it, moving isn’t easy and it takes a lot of coordinating to make it all go smoothly,” Glanz said.  “We’ve scoped the entire moving preparation process and provided an essential checklist of items and industry knowledge that will make moving quicker, easier, and more affordable for everyone.”

Moving 101 is also the Web’s only resource on Hybrid Moving™ – a new alternative for practical and budget-conscious consumers.  Moving 101 illustrates how, for a few hundred dollars, consumers can hire local moving professionals who will load and unload a rental truck or moving container.  By foregoing the full-service move, which literally costs thousands of dollars, consumers can save significantly.

To access HireAHelper’s comparison shopping engine for moving services, or to pick up a few helpful moving tips from experts in the industry, please visit moving101.hireahelper.com.

About HireAHelper

HireAHelper is an online marketplace for moving labor, providing both commercial and residential customers with the additional help they need to complete their relocation project.  Since its launch in 2006, the company has served 250,000 do-it-yourself movers from across the United States.