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Local Company Is First Ever To Guarantee Financial Outcomes For “Going Green”

San Diego County CA— Empowered Energy Solutions, one of the region’s most trusted energy contracting and analysis firms, recently announced the launch of its revolutionary product, Guardian™, a sophisticated energy monitoring and control system. When combined with Empowered Energy’s holistic energy analysis methodology, Guardian is able to confidently guarantee financial outcomes for commercial clients. The launch comes on the heels of Empowered Energy’s first Guardian implementation at the Boys and Girls Clubs of East County, making its Santee location the county’s first club to incorporate sustainable energy solutions.

“Guardian is unique; it allows us to guarantee financial outcomes for our clients for up to 25 years,” said Ted Torre-Bueno, President at Empowered Energy Solutions. “With Guardian, we’re helping our clients outsmart utility companies. With a combination of energy management and self-generation, we avoid punitive demand based rate schedules and sky-high time-of-use rates. Our ultimate goal is to reduce customers’ utility bills to the legal minimum – often $12 a month.”

Guardian is the industry’s first energy management solution that qualifies customers for the least expensive utility rate plan, resulting in significant utility bill savings every month. It intelligently manages a property’s energy demand without sacrificing performance or tenant comfort. Through Guardian, Empowered Energy is able to provide property owners with complete energy solutions, incorporating everything from solar PV, to LED lighting, to batteries, to HVAC control.

The Boys and Girls Clubs’ Santee location will mark the first green energy project for the nonprofit brand in East County San Diego. The project is expected to be completed by April 2016.

Torre-Bueno continued, “The client’s objective was simple. They wanted to reduce their utility bill so they could reallocate funds towards programming and resources for San Diego youth. With Guardian, we identified savings so profound that it radically increased the return on investment of the project.”

As a result of the Guardian installation, Boys and Girls Clubs of East County is reducing its cost of electricity by over 90 percent versus their pre-installation average.

System size and the combination of technologies will vary based on customers’ individual energy usage patterns and needs. For more information about Guardian or to receive a quote, please visit http://www.empoweredenergysolutions.com.

About Empowered Energy Solutions

Empowered Energy Solutions is one of the oldest and most trusted energy contracting and analysis firms in the country. They provide cost-effective, sustainable solutions to help commercial building owners save money, preserve profit, increase property value, and take control back from utility companies. More than just a solar company, Empowered Energy Solutions is a full-service energy contracting and analysis firm, helping clients find the optimal combination of self-generations, efficiency, storage, utility tariff analysis, financing, and control systems. Empowered Energy Solutions is the only firm that guarantees financial outcomes by helping clients outsmart the utility companies