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OH! Juice Opens New Tasting Room in Carlsbad

Carlsbad CAOH! Juice, a San Diego-based juice company that delivers high quality and nutritionally dense products, recently opened a new juice tasting room to provide customers with a unique educational experience and deliver ongoing support for those looking to improve health and vitality. The tasting room is open five days a week and features a 12-foot window that gives customers a glimpse of the one-of-a-kind process of cold-pressed juices, the interaction between local farmers dropping off pounds of produce and all the vibrant colors associated with health and wellness.

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“OH! Juice strives to eliminate any fears associated with juice cleanses through proper education and creates a gateway for others to reach optimal health,” said Hanna Gregor, CEO, owner and nutritionist of OH! Juice. “We are thrilled to open our own facility and provide consumers with the freshest juices on the market; we hope to empower locals to live a healthier lifestyle just by making small changes to their diet.”

OH! Juice provides handcrafted juice comprised of all organic ingredients, and all juices are free of high-pressure processing, the pasteurization process that preserves and sterilizes food and juices. It offers a wide range of 15 different seasonal flavors, all from rich green juices to vibrant fruit juices and dairy-free nut milks.


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With the new tasting room, OH! Juice seeks to encourage today’s consumers to choose organic and create a lifestyle that achieves lasting results for overall health and well-being. At the tasting room, people are able to sample juices, choose their favorite flavors and ask specific questions while everything is made fresh and right in front of them. Expert nutritionists and juice consultants are also available to guide the experience and offer customized cleanses and programs to fit consumers’ specific health needs. OH! Juice also arranges weekly deliveries for those unable to make stops at the new location to make it even easier for their customers to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

OH! Juice’s tasting room is located at 5631 Palmer Way, Suite A, Carlsbad, CA 92010. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For more information, please visit www.ohjuicecleanse.com.

oh_juice_logoAbout OH! Juice

OH! Juice was started in San Diego in January 2014 is on a mission to deliver the highest quality and nutritionally dense juice in San Diego. Handcrafted, 100% organic, locally sourced, glass bottled, and cold-pressed juice. OH! Juice was born from the idea that nutrition should meet flavor and neither should be compromised for the other. Hanna Gregor, CEO and founder, is a trained nutritionist who stands by core values to make a truly elite product in the juicing world. Offering a variety of different nutritionally designed juices, one-to-30 day cleanses and can be enjoyed daily, OH! Juices is the perfect staple in the everyday diet. For more information please visit www.ohjuicecleanse.com.