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Kevin Cortes

Miramar Federal Credit Union to Teach Financial Planning to CSUSM Veterans

Credit Union is on a mission to teach all of San Diego financial literacy

San Diego County CAMiramar Federal Credit Union, a 64-year-old financial cooperative that provides support to the San Diego military community, is partnering with San Diego Financial Literacy Center, to teach two financial planning courses to Cal State University San Marcos students. The students, all transitioning veterans, will learn invaluable financial planning information, including: ways to stretch a dollar, financing graduate school and how to purchase one’s first home. The classes will take place on April 11 and April 18 during the regularly scheduled course. There will be twenty enrolled students in attendance.

“We’re really looking forward to having Miramar Federal Credit Union’s Chief Military Officer, Kevin Cortes, come in and chat with our students. Since Mr. Cortes is a veteran himself, he understands the sacrifices and hardships our servicemen and women go through every day,” said Patricia Reily, Ed.D., Veteran Services Director at CSUSM. “We hope that the students gain invaluable insights into the often complex realm of finances and walk away with a better understanding of how to navigate their future.”

This is just one of the many ways Miramar Federal Credit Union is making an effort to make San Diego’s veteran community more financially savvy. In a world where it’s often considered taboo to discuss finances, planning and budgets, the credit union wishes to educate people on smart ways to get ahead.

To learn more about Miramar Federal Credit Union please visit www.miramarfcu.com.