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The Alemian File: Episode13- Avoid Getting In Over Your Head In Debt

By David Alemian

A lot of you expressed interest in what I call “The Big Credit and Debt Trap,” and you want to know the best way to avoid getting in over your head in debt.

The best way to avoid getting in over your head in debt is to live within a budget, and most importantly, that budget must include a savings component.   For the savings component you will use a whole life insurance policy. This is where you’ll put away money to create a fund.   You put your money into a whole life insurance policy because it builds a cash value relatively quickly, and you will earn a lot more interest on your money than if you just put it into a bank account.  Over time, that cash value grows and will become your own personal bank.

It’s called the Infinite Banking Concept.  Whenever you wish to make a large purchase, instead of borrowing the money, or using a credit card, you borrow the money from your whole life insurance policy.  The same way you would pay back a lender, you pay back the life insurance policy with interest.

Let’s say you were going to buy a car.   You could pay cash for the car, but then you no longer have that money working for you.  At the end of four years, you have a four-year-old car, and the dealer has your money.  You could borrow the money from a lender, but at the end of four years, you still have a four-year-old car, and the lender has your money, plus the interest you paid.

A better solution is, you borrow the money from your whole life insurance policy, and pay the money back over four years.   At the end of four years, you have a four-year-old car, you have the money you paid for the car and the interest you would have paid a bank.  When it’s all paid back, all the money is back in your whole life insurance policy.  This is the same concept that banks use except in this case you are the borrower and the lender.  Imagine getting back all of the money that you and your spouse pay for large purchases, over your lifetime.  When you think of it, the money from the cars, the appliances, home renovations, and any big purchase is all going back into your life insurance policy and earning compound interest… over time, it’s a huge amount of money.  You’re going to spend the money anyway, you’re going to pay the money back anyway… you might as well pay it to yourself.

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