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Scholastic Surf Series Division 3 and 4 High School Surfing Results

Carlsbad CA— Narrowly dodging another cancellation, Mother Nature shined on us as we pulled off the 5th and final event of the series for our San Diego High School Div 3 & 4 Surf Teams.

After a Friday of non existent waves, we arrived to find a new little south swell providing us some clean 2 to 3 foot sets.  The sun warmed us and we completed an awesome day before the new storm arrived in the evening.  With some overall season titles on the line it was an exciting morning as the season champs emerged from a season of unprecedented El Nino challenges.

In Division 3 Coronado (5&0) defeated San Marcos (4&1) for the Overall Champion and in Division 4 El Camino (5&0) clinched the title from Mission Bay (3&1&T).  A lot of the individual ratings are very close so we will have to wait until those get posted on the website.

The SSS wishes to thank our coaches, parents, competitors and sponsors for their patience and understanding in dealing with all the cancellations due to weather beyond our control.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the High School State Championships next weekend at Oceanside South Jetty, April 16, 17 & 18, 2016.

Team Results  Division 3

Cathedral Catholic  76            def       Rancho Buena Vista  52

Coronado  75                          def       San Marcos  60

University City  69                 tie        Woodrow Wilson  69

Westview                                BYE    Win

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Cole Quinlan, Coronado
  2. Nick Holdman, Westview
  3. Kai Matteo, Rancho Buena Vista
  4. Cyrus Butler, San Marcos
  5. Makaiah Spiess, Westview
  6. Cameron Bartz, Coronado

Mens Longboard

  1. Cole Quinlan, Coronado
  2. Jack Hayward, Westview
  3. Cole Virgilio, Westview
  4. Trey Martinho, Woodrow Wilson
  5. Sam Heck, Woodrow Wilson
  6. Cyrus Butler, San Marcos

Womens Shortboard

  1. Chrissy Seggerman, Coronado
  2. Gabi Robledo, Coronado
  3. Kornelija Newcomer, San Marcos
  4. Mackenzie Davey, Cathedral Catholic
  5. Hana McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
  6. Olivia Beutz, Cathedral Catholic

Womens Longboard

  1. Chrissy Seggerman, Coronado
  2. Hana McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
  3. Keili McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
  4. Aine Dwyer, Coronado
  5. Sydney Zoehrer, Coronado
  6. Mackenzie Davey, Cathedral Catholic


  1. Noah Gerbecks, Woodrow Wilson
  2. Hunter Lindgren, San Marcos
  3. Carsten Lester, University City
  4. Justin Hussion, Westview
  5. Brendan Davey, Cathedral Catholic
  6. Charles Tomlin, Coronado
  7. Josh Robinson, Rancho Buena Vista


Team Results Division 4

Horizon  41                             def       Santa Fe Christian  33

El Camino  50                         def       Mission Bay  45

Bishops  53                             def       St. Augustine/OLP  37

Classical Academy  44            def       Grauer  42

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Clint Rawlings, El Camino
  2. Jared Fearon, Horizon
  3. Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian
  4. Kyle Davis, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Dylan Cremonesi, El Camino
  6. Matteo Cometti, Grauer

Mens Longboard

  1. Kyle Davis, Santa Fe Christian
  2. Will Scheibler, Bishops
  3. Colin Quinn, Grauer
  4. Reese de Guzman, Classical Academy
  5. Andrew Feighan, Mission Bay
  6. Dylan Cremonesi, El Camino

Womens Shortboard

  1. Sydney Johnson, Classical Academy
  2. Brianna Billings, Horizon
  3. Nikki Cowan, El Camino
  4. Meredith Madden, Grauer
  5. Chloe Faucher, Our Lady of Peace
  6. Natalie Grayson, Bishops

Womens Longboard

  1. Pearl Moore, Mission Bay
  2. Kylie Preske, Grauer
  3. Brianna Billings, Horizon
  4. Grace Kotnik, Our Lady of Peace
  5. Ciara Gray, Mission Bay
  6. Samantha Preske, Grauer


  1. Nicholas Campagna, Mission Bay
  2. Matt Buckley, Bishops
  3. Dylan Cremonesi, El Camino
  4. Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Matteo Cometti, Grauer
  6. Reese de Guzman, Classical Academy
  7. Brandan Andre, St. Augustine




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