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Council-member Jack Feller Rescinds Support for Electronic Billboards

Oceanside CA— In a statement released on Wednesday, April 13, 2016, Oceanside City Council-member Jack  Feller announced his decision to rescind his support for proposed LED Digital Billboards along SR-78 and SR-76.

The news release follows:

I have listened to and appreciate the recent comments from the public, the organizations that have evolved in opposition and the companies proposing the billboards.

As many of you know I spend a great deal of time in the community at sporting events,churches, community gatherings, business mixers and in all those places I was receiving comments about the proposed billboards.

Because this is not a typical project I felt it was important to find out what the residents of Oceanside were thinking about revenue from this type of project.

The question asked was “As a means to generate revenue for Oceanside the city is considering proposals for three LED Digital Billboards on Highway 76 and 78. Do you support or oppose this plan?”

The majority who responded to the poll were in opposition to the billboards.

Based on the poll results and the revenue numbers I’ve decided to rescind my support for the proposed billboard sites.

My decision is based on fact not emotions or what other cities have chosen to do.

Providing public safety, maintaining the city’s infrastructure and providing services our residents expect means having a reliable revenue stream.

It is our responsibility to be looking for new revenue sources and ways to replace the ones that have disappeared.

The proposed billboards have been a controversial subject. A proposed 40-foot tall, double-sided sign, to be placed SR-76 and Airport Road, drew criticism from the Oceanside Airport Association citing a hazard to pilots flying night-time operations.

The electronic signs would be allowed after the City Council amended its sign ordinance as a way to generate income on city-owned property.