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Big Call for Art for OMA Teeny Tiny Art Sale

Oceanside CA— Artists of any age are encouraged to be a part of this fun event to benefit arts education at OMA. Each participant will create their own teeny tiny work of art on a supplied 4″ x 6″ card. The subject of the artwork has no limits, and suggestions for media are listed [here].

All submissions are due by May 20 at OMA

Email us with your address and the number of cards you would like. We will mail them back to you along with a self-addressed envelope, or pick them up at OMA’s front desk.
Please sign only the back of each card to keep your identity a mystery, as the secretive aspect of the event will be a key component to its success!

Please note that there is a maximum submission of five (5) pieces per artist.

All donated works will be on display and available for sale on a first come, first to buy basis. All proceeds will benefit the education department at OMA.

Part Of First Friday Art Walk On June 3 At OMA

A great way to start your art collection, or add to it with a surprise twist—you will not know who the artist is of the piece until after you buy it! Could be someone well known, an emerging artist, a local leader, or a young artist who was thrilled to contribute. The event is 5-8pm, so plan to get there early to ensure the best chance at getting your favorite pieces.