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New App ‘GigTown’ Modernizes Local Music to Benefit Local Artists and Fans

San Diego County CAGigTown, a free local music discovery mobile app, is revolutionizing the music industry for artists, concertgoers and venues in San Diego. GigTown, founded locally by father and son duo, Steve and Andy Altman, is a one-stop-shop for everything local music. The app is transforming the way local San Diego music is consumed through the interactive features including: discovering upcoming shows in the area, instantaneously booking artists for gigs, listening to original songs and finding new music venues.

GigTown is a unique platform that allows musicians, venues and consumers to have a win-win-win opportunity,” said Andy Altman, CEO, co-founder and grand poobah of GigTown.

The one-of-a-kind app allows artists to submit interest to play gigs and receive notification of newly posted gigs in their area. For music fans and venue managers, GigTown makes it simple to post a gig and find talent in as little as one hour. Venues, including restaurants, bars and hotels to name a few, can use the app to book local musicians and bring in customers – and with a simple click of a button, people are able to directly chat with artists and sample their music before booking. GigTown makes the entire booking and transaction process seamless and hassle-free.

On Thursday, May 26, GigTown is hosting a concert at The Music Box headlined by local rock band Spero, supported by Creature and the Woods along with the Grim Slippers, and invites the public to join. To further support the artists using the app, GigTown has allocated a portion of its marketing dollars towards musicians by tipping artist $5 when a fan “Checks In” to their shows on the app. In the month of April, San Diego GigTown artists received over $5,000 dollars in tips. Since its launch in January 2015, over 800 local artists have signed up, including San Diego artists The Verigolds, Tolan Shaw and Paul Cannon; thus far, over 3,500 artists have joined the app nationwide.

GigTown allows listeners to discover new music by exploring a large library of original songs and music videos from local artists that are available through the app. People can also listen to the artists’ music on GigTown Radio, which streams directly from the app. Fans can immediately find out when their favorite artists are playing and discover local music hotspots at some of the best places in town. By allowing users to connect with new fans and discover up and coming artists, GigTown is creating a platform that supports all avenues of the San Diego music scene.

To download and sign up for GigTown for free on iOS and Android devices, please visit the App Store and Google Play. For more information on GigTown, please visit www.gigtown.com.

About GigTown:

GigTown is an all-in-one local music app that allows users to discover local musicians, post a gig to book live music, listen to original songs by your local musicians and more – it truly is a revolutionary platform that supports all avenues of the local music scene. The San Diego-based music technology startup launched in January 2015 by Andy and Steve Altman (former President and Vice Chairman of Qualcomm). The free app, available everywhere but currently focused in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Nashville, Austin and New York City, is customized to meet the personalized needs of artists, consumers and venues around town. Easily downloadable and available on iOS and Android devices, GigTown is equipped with unique features and is a place for people to plug-in to local music, anywhere and anytime. The GigTown team has plans to launch in new cities as it continues to grow and is passionate about creating a win-win-win for local musicians, venues and music fans across the nation.
Website: www.gigtown.com
Facebook: gigtownmusic   Twitter: @gigtownmusic

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