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CCS Celebrates Its Semi-centennial: 1966-2016

Carlsbad CA — Semi-centennial is a word small business owners rarely have a chance to use. Not so at CCS Public Relations, an agency currently boasting its 50-year milestone anniversary.

Since its North County founding in 1966 by journalist Bob Fisher, CCS has been providing writing, public relations and marketing communications services to a long list of clients with recognized
name brands in high-tech and industry including HP, IBM, NCR, AT&T, Apple, Infosys, VMware, NetApp, 3M, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, Qualcomm, etc.

A history spanning so many decades represents agility, flexibility, and adaptability to changing market conditions/demands, competitive pressures, along with a lot of literal, figurative and
proverbial sweat. CCS has survived and withstood recessions, cutbacks, layoffs, restructurings,reorganizations and every adverse business obstacle imaginable – and is still the longest-standing
agency servicing its largest client for over 30 years.

“With all of the technological advances made during our tenure, we’ve seen a lot of changes and cycles, and personnel who have come and gone,” said Gayle Mestel, President and CEO of the agency. “It is quite surreal to look back on all of the years’ experiences and realize the contributions CCS has made to the successful marketing efforts of some of the world’s most respected corporations. I don’t believe there are a lot of agencies our size and niche who can make this claim.”

CCS is an award-winning, full-service, global communications agency specializing in professional writing services, public relations and customer reference program management, serving Fortune
500 clients in enterprise, high-tech and healthcare businesses.

For more information about CCS/PR, visit http://www.ccspr.com/ or contact Mestel at 760-929- 7514, or gaylem@ccspr.com

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