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More Than 500 Students Use Improv to Improve Quality of Life

Students claim Finest City improv classes inspire creative, courageous lives

San Diego CA— Meet Niki: A University Heights resident who, after years of wanting more out of life, signed up for an introductory improv class down the street to make friends in a new city. One year later, she regards improv as the milestone that helped her figure out how to make important decisions for herself, understand the importance of honesty and navigate the uncertainty in her life.

“The classes at Finest City were a whirlwind of fun, embarrassment and growth that doubled as both improv lessons and life lessons,” said Niki. “Because of improv, I feel much more comfortable living in the moment, being honest and vulnerable and not needing to know the outcome of something to begin it. I still have fear, but I’m not paralyzed by it anymore.”

The local improv company proudly announces that this month, more than 500 San Diegans like Niki have completed a Finest City Improv training class and left with much more than an understanding of how to be funny on stage.

Every student at Finest City Improv is trained to build performance and life skills on the foundation of, “Yes! And…” This integral lesson teaches each improviser to always accept the reality of an on-stage scene and commit to adding something of their own. According to students of the theater, this has become an off-stage lesson as a way to accept the ups and downs of life and take the next step.

“We teach every student to harness their inner confidence by trying new things, meeting new people and fearlessly expressing themselves,” says Kat Brown, director of community engagement at Finest City. “San Diego is a better place with 500 of these people roaming around.”

Its North Park training center offers regular classes for every level of improv experience, providing students with a supportive environment to foster creativity and make new friends. Veteran instructors teach students that great improv comedy evolves from teamwork, risk taking and a few fundamental skills that anyone can learn to improve their lives — both on and off the stage.

For more information on classes and to learn more about Finest City Improv, please visit www.finestcityimprov.com.