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TIP Volunteer Celebrates 15 years of Service

San Diego County CA— Imagine being the calming presence in a storm, being the hope in desperation, and being a volunteer helping a citizen get through the worst moment of one’s life. Linda Loehr, a San Diego county resident, has worked as a volunteer with Trauma Intervention Programs of San Diego helping citizens in crisis and celebrating her 15-year anniversary.

 Trauma Intervention Programs (TIP) of San Diego, Inc., also known as TIP, is a non-profit volunteer-based program developed to provide support and assistance to those traumatically affected in emergency situations. When a trauma occurs, partnering agencies such as law enforcement, fire, and hospital personnel request a TIP volunteer to be with survivors to provide much needed emotional and practical support immediately following the crisis. TIP works closely with partnering agencies to provide a different dynamic to the emergency response system to meet the emotional needs of surviving victims.

Volunteering is a remarkable selfless task and Loehr has reached this milestone and deserves the recognition. “During my years with TIP I have been with employees who have been held at gun point during a bank robbery, residents of house fires, on the scene of fatal auto and train accidents, with many individuals who have just experienced a suicide or natural death in their life as well as at schools or businesses after a tragedy has occurred and support was needed for students or staff. The experiences I have had during my 15-years as a volunteer for TIP are ones that are not encountered during a normal day in one’s life.  I know that at the beginning of each one of my twelve hour shifts, I may very well have the opportunity to impact someone’s life in a positive way at a very difficult time in their life,” stated Loehr.

Her start with TIP began because someone was that hope during a tragedy in her life which made a lasting impression; such one that she is paying it forward volunteering herself to be that “hope.”

Some individuals think that this line of work is difficult and unmanageable, but Loehr proves that it can be done. “No call is ever the same” state Loehr regarding her dedication, “Even though we do see and are a part of some very tragic events, I have learned to separate myself from my TIP work and my personal life.”

“My TIP experience has brought me in touch with many people in so many different settings, other volunteers, clients and first responders, in which these people have shown courage beyond belief, empathy and the dedication to help others during the most difficult times.”

Trauma Intervention Programs is thankful and moved by the 15-year dedication Loehr has provided and will honor her tonight at the Carlsbad Police Department at 6:30pm PST for her extraordinary service to her community.