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Myrtle Lay of Oceanside Turns 100 Years-old

Oceanside CA— More than 100 friends and family of Mrs. Myrtle May traveled from Florida, Washington, Oregon and even as far away as Hong Kong, China for a party to celebrate her 100th birthday, on Saturday.

Mayor Jim Wood and Myrtle Lay (Click on image to enlarge photo)

Mayor Jim Wood and Myrtle Lay (Click on image to enlarge photo)

“You’re lucky I didn’t faint” she told the people gathered at the at Oceana Mission IV Clubhouse. Mrs. May and her late husband, Delmar (Del) were among the very first residents in Oceana. “I saw all the cars in the parking lot and thought someone was having a party. I had no idea it was for me.” as she choked back some tears, “These are happy tears.” she said.

Officially, Myrtle turns 100 on May 26. In 1916, Mrs. May was born, along with her, late, twin brother, Merton on a sheep ranch in Wisconsin. The family moved to Oceanside shortly thereafter.

Del and Myrtle met at a beach party in Oceanside and after a 3 month courtship, were married after she turned 18. Del worked at the Post Office until he was drafted into the Army and sent to the Aleutian Islands. When he was discharged, he returned to Oceanside and his job at the Post Office.

After his retirement, the couple moved to Texas to be close to Myrtles brother. They returned to Oceanside seven years later and moved into their condo, in Oceana, where they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

(Click on image to enlarge photo)

(Click on image to enlarge photo)

“Because we feel this is such a momentous occasion and one of which deserves special attention, the Oceana Mission IV Homeowners Association and its Board of Directors decided to throw the surprise birthday party.” said Toni Mattix, “Myrtle has been such a vital part of the community. She loves jokes, basketball, fishing and the music of Lawrence Welk. She is still sharp as a tack.”

Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood was in attendance and presented Myrtle with a Certificate of Recognition and a special coin to commemorate the occasion.

The party featured some of Myrtles favorite food including Ribs with corn on the cob.