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California Grown Exhibit presented by Hollandia Dairy

The NEW Educational and Interactive Agricultural Exhibit at the 2016 San Diego County Fair

Del Mar CA— Travel through California and San Diego’s agricultural roots at the California Grown Exhibit, presented by Hollandia Dairy,  when it opens its doors on June 3, at the San Diego County Fair, presented by Albertsons|Vons.  An adventure through yesterday, today and into tomorrow, this brand-new educational exhibit will feature the history of agriculture in California, a principal industry for the state and the core of all County fairs.  Agricultural education is a key part of the San Diego County Fair’s mission, and this exhibit will enlighten guests about the past, present and future of California farming in a fun and interactive way.  For more information go to: www.sdfair.com/attractions.

Housed in the former AgriFair building at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, California Grown will combine some of the familiar and popular family and kid-friendly attractions, such as the petting farm and the Albertsons|Vons Kids Market, with brand-new agricultural and educational exhibits.

California Grown was created to strong ties to the land and to our neighbors, taking pride in homegrown products and to support the local economy and the Californian way of life.

The exhibit resonates the importance of seeking out and consumer purchasing of agricultural products grown and produced in California, and is supported by the state and federal governments, by hundreds of growers, and by Californians.  The San Diego County Fair is proud to have been given the use of the California Grown logo for this exhibit.

Start your journey when California became a State in 1850, at a historic mission to discover how the California Native Americans and Spaniards implemented some of our state’s first farming practices. This hands-on area will teach kids and adults to milk a cow, saddle up, rope a steer, make rope and more!  The San Diego CowBelles will be on hand to share their story of cattle in San Diego County going back to the early days of our great State, California.  Take a glimpse into the Industrial Revolution and see how then-modern, now-antique gas and steam engines drove that movement. The Antique Gas & Steam Engines Museum will give an up-close view into the Industrial Revolution and its influence on the Golden State.

California grows 400-plus agricultural commodities to date, and is the number-one farming state in the nation.   Discover California’s most unusual and most profitable crops and learn about backyard chicken farming, and modern-day farming equipment.  The San Diego County Farm Bureau will highlight local San Diego County farmers including, Hilliker’s Ranch Fresh Eggs among others.

Farming in the Future – Go Green as agriculture gives a unique look at the marriage of farming and technology and see what the future of sustainability looks like. Experience the imagined work of tomorrow with farm-scrapers, hydroponic farming and greenhouse growing… in an urban landscape!

This area also features goats, community-supported agriculture and local certified farmers market information, careers in agriculture, a yurt, sustainable fibers, alpacas, and more!  Find out how all of these things will be important for the future of farming.

Eat a Bug! – Many cultures include insects as part of their diet, because bugs are one of the most sustainable sources of protein!  Try a bug yourself at The Good, the Bad and the Yummy – bug bar, and  show off your “I Ate A Bug At The Fair” button! Complete your experience by visiting the General Store where fairgoers will find fun agriculture-themed t-shirts, toys, food-source bugs and more.  Plus products grown & made in San Diego, including Bug Kabobs to take home for your next dinner party!  Try it-You’ll like it!

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