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Quick Action by Escondido Police Lieutenant Saves a Life

Escondido CA— On any ordinary day, Escondido Police Lieutenant Al Owens can be seen working as a day shift Watch Commander. He manages the activities of his team of patrol sergeants and officers, manages significant events in the city, and talks to community members about the troubles that they are experiencing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 ended up being no “ordinary day.” At 1:18pm. the Escondido Police and Fire Communication center received a 9-1-1 call regarding an adult female who was near a creek bed behind the Escondido Police and Fire Headquarters building. It was reported that the female had possibly overdosed on a narcotic and was not breathing.

Escondido Police Lieutenant Al Owens was inside of the headquarters building. Lieutenant Owens overheard the call and immediately responded to the creek bed, where he found the patient unconscious. He quickly evaluated her condition and determined that she was not breathing and did not have a pulse. Lieutenant Owens began CPR and the patient regained a pulse. However, within seconds the pulse was lost and Lieutenant Owens resumed CPR. The second round of CPR was successful. The patient regained a heartbeat and began breathing on her own. Escondido Fire Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter, provided further treatment and transported the patient to the hospital.

Escondido Police Chief Carter praised Lieutenant Owens for his quick, lifesaving action. Chief Carter added, “While I am extremely proud of Lieutenant Owens’ actions, I am not surprised. Lieutenant Owens was one of seven officers who all raced to the scene in hopes of helping someone in desperate need. This event highlights the daily efforts of every member of the Escondido Police Department.”