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CleverMade’s New EcoBasket Brings Innovation to Reusable Grocery Bags

Carlsbad CA— It just got easier to check grocery shopping off the to-do list. Following the success of its popular SnapBasket, a self-standing bag that flattens when not in use, CleverMade® introduces the EcoBasket®, an even more affordable option that relies on the same shape-shifting design, engineered with the environment and grocery aisle in mind.

“The SnapBasket has been a game changer for shoppers because they can ditch plastic bags without having to sacrifice convenience,” saysCleverMade Co-Founder and President Mike Carlson. “At under ten dollars, the EcoBasket makes sustainable shopping an option for more consumers than ever before, promising sturdiness in a shopping bag that will give you peace of mind that your milk will never crush your bread.”

In line with CleverMade’s products that pop up to hold supplies in style, then fold down to tuck out of sight, the new EcoBasket features a structured frame allowing it to snap into a sturdy bag that stands on its own. The EcoBasket quickly folds down flat thanks to the built in, patent pending SnapHinge™ technology that collapses with a click.

The EcoBasket holds up to 25 pounds and allows food items to stack neatly and easily thanks to the roomy, rigid floor. Conveniently, they remain easy to clean, eliminating bacteria, molds, germs and cross-food contamination that often infects flimsy, reusable tote bags. CleverMade promises its newestbasket will keep shoppers from making multiple trips from the car to the house, as two EcoBaskets accomplish 80 percent of most consumer shopping trips. Color options include combinations of deep blue/grey, deep blue/kelly green and black/charcoal.

EcoBasket is the newest product in CleverMade’s 2016 line that includes the CleverCrate, a stackable plastic crate that collapses when not in use, and the SnapBasket, a more rugged version of the EcoBasket available in dozens of colors.

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