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Nadine Chopra

After Tragedy, Local Woman Uses Pageants to Promote Seatbelt Use

Carlsbad CA— Nadine Chopra is a 43 year-old mother of two, born in South-Africa and has lived in Carlsbad for the past 9 years. On February 18, 2015 at 19:43 Nadine’s family lost 2 young boys because they did not buckle up. Nadine will be competing in Today’s American / International Woman as ‘Classy Ms. South-Africa’ for the International crown as well as the Queen of Queens crown. Nadine’s platform is buckle up safety and she’s making it her mission to promote seatbelt safety. Save one life at a time.

Today’s American/International Woman is a pageant system designed to empower and teach men, women and children worldwide about self love and community service. Within the organization, there is a place for everyone. It is an all inclusive pageant to have a division for visible and invisible abilities. The contestants are not judged on size, but the ability to be a complete package for Today’s Woman.

During the past year the state delegates utilized their skills, talents and titles to promote Today’s American/ International Woman and their platforms. In the process, they have accomplished many great things, such as their anti bullying campaign, suicide prevention awareness, back to school events and Christmas toy drives to name a few. This is the first year, the system offers academic scholarships. Because it is an international pageant, they are helping children and families worldwide.

Today’s American/ International Woman Pageant is celebrating its 5th year Anniversary. The pageant will be held aboard the Carnival Victory Ship from June 23 -26, 2016.

Being a titleholder opens doors, thus giving individuals the opportunity to be heard and to be seen in leadership roles and as public figures.

Today’s American/ International  Woman Pageant was voted by the Pageant Planet as one of the top 10 pageants. To learn more about the Pageant or for any appearances for your charity events, please contact the Director Jera Lynn Anders at 864 517 0177 or go to www.todaysamericanwoman.com.

Nadine is available to read the story “Buckle up Little Bunny” at your pre-school/school and for appearances at your charity events.