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Fuji and Fresh Sardines

oside_fuji_sister_city_plaqueEditors note: The Sister City relationship of Oceanside and Fuji City was founded in 1991. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Sister City relationship, OsideNews will features a series of articles about Fuji, written by the Fuji City Tourism Division and Fuji-Oceanside Friendship Association.

Continued from previous Fuji-Oceanside sister city article

Tagonoura Fishing Port, located south of Fuji city, is known for catching young sardine, called “shirasu”. Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and facing majestic Suruga Bay, many restaurant and shops feature “Shirasu”. The street is today know as Fujisan Shirasu Kaido, or Young Sardines Street.

You can try the fresh, young sardines at the fisherman’s restaurant directly located at the port.

Typical fishing technique uses two boats surrounding fishes in the middle of fishing-net. “Shirasu” fishing uses only one ship to carefully handle young sardines and fishing time is kept short in order to bring in freshest sardines to Tagonoura Port.

It is served on a bowl of rice with topping of chopped leaf green onion and ginger together with soy-sauce, the way you typically eat Sushi.