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MiraCosta College Offers Online Personalized Fitness Training Course

Oceanside CA— It isn’t always easy to workout at home or to find your way around a new gym, but working with someone who understands the struggle can make all the difference. Kelsey Bedford, the founder of NoShortcuts Fitness and a NASM certified personal trainer, has developed online programs to help you get started with the confidence to achieve your fitness goals.

The program focuses on increasing strength and encouraging fat loss through weight & resistance training and supplemental cardiovascular activities. Included will be breakdowns of exercises with full descriptions, videos and pictures to help with form, posture, warm-ups, cool downs, and possible modifications to increase or decrease difficulty level. In addition, there will be a quick Nutritional Advice Guide for those looking for extra support during their journey.

Take your trainer with you wherever you go! Progress check-ins, frequent feedback, support, and accountability will be given throughout, all done with compassion and understanding.

Fees: $125—Gym Program; $125—Home Program (requires some supplies); $185—Combo Program

Intake Periods: Spaces are limited (10–12 at a time), new clients accepted every 2 weeks, on June 29, July 13, July 27, Aug 10, and Aug 24.

Email for more information using MCCFIT in the subject line: training.noshortcuts@gmail.com. Website: www.noshortcutsfitnesstraining.com.