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MiraCosta College High-Threat Security Program to Hold Drills

Carlsbad CA— Students in a unique military-like program at MiraCosta College will test their mettle in providing emergency medical care under fire during simulated high-risk drills set for the Carlsbad Safety Training Center on Wednesday, July 13.

The training exercise comes as concerns rise across the country for first responders who are facing increasing dangers while doing their jobs.

“This is an invaluable training exercise for people working in the field,” said Linda Kurokawa, director of Community Education & Workforce Development at MiraCosta College. “There are so few programs like this in the United States, and one-third of our students fly into the area from out of state or other parts of the state to take part.”

MiraCosta College’s High Risk Medic course is part of the High Threat Specialist Program, which was launched in 2012 as a not-for-credit offering targeting Marines returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan who were interested in pursuing a career as a certified armed guard or high threat protection specialist. Over the years, MiraCosta College added a certified Anti-Terrorist/Corporate Protection component to their security program, along with a Celebrity Corporate Protection course and a High Threat Protection course, along with the High Risk Medic class.

The July 13 drill culminates six straight days of High Risk Medic program training during which students learn how to stop severe bleeding and engage in advanced tactical emergency casualty care in high-risk situations.

“The tactical medicine course is by far the best I have seen in my 15 years of service in the SEAL teams,” said one former student. “The final exercise is as realistic and stressful as I’ve seen in a training environment.”

Reginald Trent agrees. He recently graduated from the High Risk Medic Program.

“It’s one thing to have the training you need, but it’s another thing to know what to do in certain situations, and this program prepares you on what to do in certain high-risk situations,” said Trent. “This was the best training I ever received.”

All of the security courses are taught at MiraCosta College’s Technology Career Institute in Carlsbad. In 2017, MiraCosta College will add an Advanced High Threat Protection program and a Crisis Negotiation course to its menu of classes.

“MiraCosta’s security programs are immensely successful,” said Kurokawa. “Our graduates are working in security for a number of well-known celebrities and VIPs in California and throughout the world, and they have the potential to earn $100,000 or more annually after being hired.”