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California State Games 2016-Surfing Results

Camp Pendleton CA— The California State Games surfing competition was held aboard Camp Pendleton over the weekend at the Del Mar jetties.

DMJ’s offered up some fun waves in the 2 to 4 foot range.  Great waves and weather with everyone very appreciative of the venue on Camp Pendleton.

Below are the results with North County and South OC very well represented by our young local surfers.

Girls Longboard  (9-12)

  1. Hannah Yates, San Marcos
  2. Zoe Goldstein, Carlsbad

Girls Longboard  (13-15)

  1. Liv Stokes, Aliso Viejo

Girls Longboard (16-18)

  1. Jillian Butler, Carlsbad
  2. Cate Stokes, Aliso Viejo

Boys Longboard (16-18)

  1. Ben Goldstein, Carlsbad

Girls Shortboard  (9-12)

  1. Caitlin Simmers, Oceanside
  2. Bryce Wettstein, Encinitas
  3. Marlee Lovell, Oceanside
  4. Hannah Yates, San Marcos

Girls Shortboard (13-15)

  1. Francesca Veselko, Huntington Beach
  2. Sophia McGovern, Encinitas
  3. Noelle Walker, El Cajon
  4. Marlee Lovell, Oceanside

Boys Shortboard (9-12)

  1. Raphael Castro, La Jolla
  2. Tyler Vesque, San Clemente
  3. Timothy Simmers, Oceanside
  4. Ben Murphey, San Diego

Boys Shortboard (13-15)

  1. William ‘Tex’ Mitchell, Oceanside
  2. Liam Murray, San Clemente
  3. Ethan Hurst, Huntington Beach
  4. Raphael Castro, La Jolla

Boys Shortboard (16-18)

  1. Jake Hennessy, Cardiff
  2. Liam Murray, San Clemente
  3. Max Beach, San Clemente
  4. Chris Kervin, Newport Beach