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MiraCosta College to Expand its Homeland Security Program

Oceanside CA— The MiraCosta College Board of Trustees has voted to expand its Homeland Security Program, and will now be able to offer each of the courses five times per year. The four courses in the not-for-credit program are:

  • Certified Anti-Terrorist/Force Protection Course: A 15-day training course with multiple certification, including guard card, firearms, taser, baton, power to arrest, exposed weapons.
  • Corporate and Celebrity Protection Course: An 8-day training for those who wish to add corporate and celebrity protection to their existing knowledge and skill set.
  • High Threat Protection Course: 19 days of classroom and field instruction. This training provides the knowledge and skill set to protect a client or group in any high threat, low profile area of operations.
  • The High Risk Medic is a 6-day course for any security or emergency responder who wants to learn extensive emergency care in a variety of environments.

All of the security courses are taught at MiraCosta College’s Technology Career Institute in Carlsbad. In 2017, MiraCosta College will add Advanced High Threat Protection and Crisis Negotiation courses to its menu of classes.

MiraCosta is one of only three schools in the United States that offer the High Threat Protection course with GI Bill approval, and the demand for this course is very high. Currently, one-third of the students are flying in from out of state to take this specialized training course. Nearly all of the students are ex-military or homeland security personnel.

Students in this unique military-like program will test their mettle in providing emergency medical care under fire during simulated high-risk drills set for the Carlsbad Safety Training Center on Tuesday, August 9. The Carlsbad Safety Training Center is located at 5750 Orion Street in Carlsbad.

The training exercise comes as concerns rise across the country for first responders who are facing increasing dangers while doing their jobs.

“This is an invaluable training exercise for people working in the field,” said Linda Kurokawa, director of Community Education & Workforce Development at MiraCosta College. “Our graduates are working in security for a number of well-known celebrities and VIPs in California and throughout the world, and they have the potential to earn $100,000 or more annually after being hired.”