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Sister City: Fuji and Paper Products

oside_fuji_sister_city_plaqueEditors note: The Sister City relationship of Oceanside and Fuji City was founded in 1991. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Sister City relationship, OsideNews will features a series of articles about Fuji, written by the Fuji City Tourism Division and Fuji-Oceanside Friendship Association.

Continued from previous Fuji-Oceanside sister city article

As we told you last week, Fuji city is known as a paper producing city, sanitary paper products, household paper products like toilet paper, tissue paper and so on, are famous and among them are some unique products. This week I’d like to tell you about three of those paper related products.

Toilet paper with a fragrance.green_tea_toilet_paper

Green tea has a deodorizing effect. Toilet paper impregnated with a natural deodorizing substance extracted from green tea is registered as a Fuji Brand product. Also, the toilet paper is made from recycled milk cartons along with and other beverage type cartons. It is a green product made by Marutomi Corp. Ltd.

Cardboard toilet


This is an emergency toilet which can be used in traffic jams, disaster and on your journeys in nature. Since it can withstand up to 200 kg. It can also be used by the less skinny ones among us. The total weight of the toilet is only 2 kg. so it is easy to carry around. Japan is often hit by disasters. There are many unique and high performance products that can be used in case of such a disaster. This unique is made by Fuji Mokuzai Corp., Ltd.

Paper band craft

Finally we introduce you to some stylish paper products.

The material used in this craft is paper band made of 12 paper strings lined next to each other. A variety of things can be made with the bands but baskets and bags are most popular.

In Fuji city there is a café where you can experience paper band craft, Kamileon Cafe 58. See their Facebook page [here]