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Increase in Car Break-ins Prompts Warning from OPD

Oceanside CA— Oceanside has seen an increase in overnight vehicle burglaries in several neighborhoods during the last two weeks. Please limit the chances of being a victim of a vehicle burglary by following some of the crime prevention tips listed below:

  • A GPS, phone, backpack, purse, or camera might give a burglar reason to smash your window and take your property. If you must leave items in your car, hide them before arriving at the beach.
  • If you are surfing or taking a walk remember to take your car key with you!
  • Never hide a spare key in or around the car. Consider purchasing a locking box that can be mounted under your vehicle.
  • Don’t take unnecessary items with you on the beach.
  • Keep your items somewhere that is close and within view.
  • Be alert for people who look suspicious or out of place, and who appear to be overly concerned with other person’s actions and/or property.

Immediately report suspicious activity and crimes to the Oceanside Police Department (760)435-4911.

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