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Dmitriy Demidov and Kathleen Quinlan

Winning Films from 2016 Oceanside International Film Festival

Oceanside CA— The winners for the 2016 Oceanside International Film Festival were named during the closing ceremony at the Star Theatre on Sunday afternoon. The festival opened with a red carpet reception a week earlier with actress Lee Meriwether as guest of honor. That was followed by a week of film screenings with 60 titles from all over the globe and a special showing of the season finale of TNT’s Animal Kingdom which is filmed in part and set in Oceanside.

Two people, Kathleen Quinlan and Rolly Crump received Lifetime Achievement awards during the closing ceremony.

Chris with his father Roland 'Rolly' Crump and Dmitriy Demidov

Chris with his father Roland ‘Rolly’ Crump and Dmitriy Demidov

Disney Imagineer and Fallbrook resident, Roland “Rolly” Crump received the award for his historic contribution to the heart of the entertainment industry with the Walt Disney Company. “Achievements like this are actually very special.” Rolly told the audience, “As the years go on and you look back at what you did, it dawns on you that it’s just a job. We went to work and did what we wanted to do.” he continued, “Working with Walt was absolutely incredible and for me to work directly with Walt Disney was absolutely unbelievable. I could go on for four or five days telling stories about what a delightful and wonderful man he was.” he added, There’s a million people that should receive this award. It’s not just for one person but for all of us.”

Rolly was instrumental in the design and building of several Disneyland attractions including the Haunted Mansion, It’s a Small World and the Tiki Room. Rolly’s son, Chris, followed in his fathers footsteps at Disney and is set to join his father in retirement.
Kathleen Quinlan received the award for her many contributions in the film and television industry. She told the audience about how she began her acting career “It was luck, really, that came to town with American Graffiti. I was in high school and not that I was deeply interested in acting, I was an athlete and I couldn’t figure out how you made a living doing in either one. I was pulled out of this hallway in high school by these guys named Francis Ford Coppola and Gino Havens, Fred Roos and this nerdy looking guy named George Lucas. I was studying for my scuba diving test and I didn’t know what they wanted.” She said luck got her started but it was love that kept her in it. “There was a lot of pain and rough and lean times but mostly love. Love for the work and love for the people.” Ms. Quinlan has worked along side actors such as; Tom Hanks, Apollo 13 for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Val Kilmer along with Meg Ryan in ‘The Doors’. She earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in her role as Deborah Blake in film ‘I Never Promised You a Rose Garden’.

Below are the winners for OIFF 2016:

OIFF-2016’s Jury Award winners:

Best Animation: Sea of Ink (New York, NY)
Best Student Film – K to Middle School: Cricket (Poway, CA)
Best Student Film – College: Jewish Blind Date (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Best Short Documentary: Dead Harvest (Sacramento, CA)
Best Narrative Short Film: 3000 (Athens, Greece / and Melbourne, Australia)
Best Full Length Documentary: The Weekend Sailor (Montreal, Canada, / and Mexico City, Mexico)
Best Narrative Feature Film: Remittance (Singapore)
Best Picture: The Whimsical Imagineer (Carlsbad, CA)

Some of the cast and crew for the Best Narrative Feature Film: ADDicted

Some of the cast and crew for the Best Narrative Feature Film: ADDicted

OIFF-2016’s Audience Choice Award winners:

Best Student Film – College: Seventy-Two (Carlsbad, CA / New York, NY)
Best Short Documentary: Aloha for Indo (Lawai, HI)
Best Narrative Short Film: Poor George (Los Angeles, CA)
Best Full Length Documentary: It Ain’t Pretty (Pacifica, CA)
Best Narrative Feature Film: ADDicted (Columbia, MO)
Best Picture: We Can’t Die (Menifee, CA)

2016 Special Awards:

OIFF “Oceanside Spotlight” Contest Winner:

Waves N’ Craves: Baked Eggs & Spiralized Sweet Potato & Potato Hash Brown Brunch Baskets, Paleo, Gluten Free (Oceanside, CA)

OIFF Lifetime Achievement Award for contribution in film and television industry:

Kathleen Quinlan (over 50 films including “American Graffiti”, “Apollo 13”, “Airport ’77”, “The Doors”)

OIFF Lifetime Achievement Award for historic contribution to the heart of the entertainment industry with Walt Disney Company:

Rolly Crump (creator of three of Disneyland’s most beloved attractions It’s a Small World, the Haunted Mansion and the Enchanted Tiki Room, and one of animators of “Peter Pan,” “Lady and the Tramp,” “Sleeping Beauty” and “101 Dalmatians”)

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