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North County Coastal Community ArtWalk Season Winds Down

Story and Photos By
Lucy Wheeler

The North County Coastal Community art walks are winding down from an active 2016 season.



had their annual art walk this last Sunday to an active, near record crowd.



ended their 4th Thursday Art Walk last Thursday while Oceanside  will continue their ‘First Friday Art Walk’ each month throughout the year.

Art walks are designed to lure our senses into closer connections with our surroundings and when entering an art walk the sense of sound is alerted by the music from corners and shops.  Not only
to be heard, but to pause and listen!

Strolling along, not just listening, the sights become clear. Not just looking but actively seeing.

There are glass blown leaves, custom made jewelry, sculptures, encaustic multimedia assemblages of art, paintings and a wide variety of interpretations and media by local artists.

Eventually the aromas and smells lead to the sense of taste.


Add in a random event such as book signing and slowly but surely the sense of touch has been awakened to all the intellectual, emotional and aesthetic pleasantness of our being.

Our senses have been stroked!

Just in case any of these events were missed, check out the Oceanside First Friday Art Walk this Friday September 2, 2016 from 5-8 p.m. Visit to see a location map with the various artists being featured and the locations of live entertainment.