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Vatei Campbell-Elizabeth Hospice Grant Officer, Korie Duke, - Special Events and Development coordinator, Jean Loo-Russo- Chief Philanthropy Officer, Karl Walker-OYC Commodore and Lisa Walker.

More than $10k Raised at OYC Charity Regatta for the Elizabeth Hospice

Oceanside CA— The Oceanside Yacht Club held their 14th annual Charity Regatta, in August, to benefit the Elizabeth Hospice. On Friday, September 2nd, 2016 they announced they had raised more than $10,000, for the hospice, to the people attending the annual Commodores’ Cocktail Party.

“As a local non-profit, we couldn’t do this work without you. Your support is what helps us serve our community.” said Jean Loo-Russo, Elizabeth Hospice Chief Philanthropy Officer, “I am fairly new to the Elizabeth Hospice and everything I hear while learning about our donors and our community and something I hear over and over again speaks to one of my favorite sayings and what I tell my kids; Live life as if when people speak of enthusiasm, integrity, kindness and caring, they think about you. At the Elizabeth Hospice, everything I hear in terms of those characteristics is the Oceanside Yacht Club.”

Since 2002, not counting the money raised this year, the Oceanside Yacht Club has raised more than $230,000. “This last fiscal year we were able to help 270 families here in Oceanside and serve more than 2,700 families in San Diego County and that’s just with the Hospice service.” said Loo-Russo.

The Elizabeth Hospice, since 1978, has touched the lives of more than 90,000 patients in the community.  The hospice provides specialty services such as veteran’s outreach, palliative care and children’s programs. Through its Center for Compassionate Care, comprehensive counseling and grief support services are available for all ages to the community-at-large, regardless of their ability to pay.

To learn more about the Elizabeth Hospice, you can call 800-797-2050 or  visit their website [Link] , on Facebook [Link] or follow them on Twitter

For more in formation about the Oceanside Yacht Club, visit their website [Link] or on Facebook [Link].



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