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Add Your Input to the Oceanside General Plan Update

Oceanside CA— On May 18, 2016, the Oceanside City Council authorized the preparation of two new optional General Plan elements, one addressing economic development and the other dealing with energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions. It is anticipated that this project will serve as the first phase of a comprehensive General Plan Update (GPU) that will ultimately involve revision of the City’s existing elements related to land use, circulation, environmental resources, and community facilities.

The Economic Development Element (EDE) will assess the City’s role in the regional economy and identify opportunities to expand the City’s employment base, support existing businesses, attract new businesses, and provide more commercial goods and services to residents and visitors. The Energy/Climate Action Element (E-CAP) will identify ways to further reduce the City’s overall energy consumption and associated carbon footprint, introducing policies and action items related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative transportation, water conservation, etc. Together, the EDE and E-CAP will emphasize the City’s potential to simultaneously grow the local economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Branded as “Onward Oceanside” and managed by the City’s Planning Division, the GPU will involve substantial public outreach, some of which has already been initiated. A GPU webpage has been established, oceansidegpu.com, where stakeholders can learn more about the GPU process, access two online surveys, participate in a GPU-related photo contest, and place themselves on an interested parties list.

In late August, City staff conducted a series of stakeholder interviews with representatives of local and regional interest groups; a summary of input received in these interviews will soon be posted to the GPU webpage. Community workshops introducing both the EDE and E-CAP are tentatively planned for late October, with follow-up workshops occurring after draft materials have been prepared. Throughout the GPU process, which will extend into the first quarter of 2018, staff will attend a wide variety of community events to provide information and solicit input. Stakeholders are encouraged to visit the webpage regularly to learn about upcoming outreach activities.