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OpEd: Measure “A” Will Repair San Diego Roads and Fix Potholes

Did you know that two-thirds of roads in the San Diego region are in need of repair? That’s according to a recent report by TRIP, a national nonprofit transportation research group. When you do the math, it equates to approximately 6,500 miles of roads that need fixing in San Diego County. To put that in perspective, if you laid all of those broken roads out in a straight line, they would stretch from Downtown San Diego to Rome, Italy.

And traveling on those broken roads comes at a price. Deteriorating streets cost every motorist in San Diego about $1,900 per year in increased costs for repairs, insurance, and gas wasted while idling in traffic.

These roads need to be repaired and to do that, San Diego cities and the County need funding. Measure A will provide funding for these urgent, critical repairs, helping reverse decades of neglect to San Diego’s streets and roads.

For more information on how Measure A will repair, preserve and protect San Diego, please visit RepairSanDiego.com.

If Potholes Could Talk…

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