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Letters to the Editor: Rick Shea for County School Board

Rick Shea is the best candidate for County Board of Education. Many people are unaware of the County Board’s role in supporting all 42 local school districts and operating schools for the county’s most vulnerable students. Each day, SDCOE runs schools and services for thousands of young people, including foster youth, students impacted by homelessness, students with mild to profound disabilities, pregnant and parenting students, and incarcerated students. Rick was a tutor, a teacher, and a probation officer before becoming the Special Assistant to County Superintendent Rudy Castruita. As an educator, he knows the challenge of helping all students learn and reach their potential. As a board member, Rick has actively supported students by holding high standards for everyone involved in educating them. He has been an outspoken advocate for students His experience makes him the best choice to be the voice for our young people on the County Board.

Jeffra Becknell, Encinitas
Teacher, Monarch School
2016 Finalist for County Teacher of the Year