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Mexican Bread of the Dead at Oceanside Dia de los Muertos

Oceanside CA— Pan de Muerto, also known as the bread of the dead or dead man’s bread, is a traditional Mexican sweet bread that is eaten during the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  In the days and weeks leading up to the Day of the Dead, the inviting scent of pan de Muerto wafts through the air of local markets and bakeries all throughout Mexico. It’s an ancient culinary tradition of the Day of the Dead and is often seen as a symbol of the holiday, like candy canes at Christmas.

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There are countless variations of the popular bread made in Mexico and around the world, as the Day of the Dead has spread into other cultures. It is traditionally shaped like a round loaf with rolled strips of dough layered on top that resemble the bones of the dead

In addition to the traditional loaf, dead man’s bread is also made in a variety of different shapes. It is often shaped into skulls, sometimes resembling the deceased, and decorated with brightly colored icing, like the iconic sugar skulls. Other common shapes include angels, animals, and figures.

Bread of the dead is enjoyed at parties, festivals, and graveyards when the living gather to remember and toast the dead. While it may seem morbid to go to a gravesite and eat bread shaped like bones, it is all part of an effort to reconnect with lost loved ones and rejoice in their memory. This isn’t a somber ritual but a celebration. That’s why Pan de Muerto is so sweet and delicious!

Pan de Muerto is also placed on altars, which are built as a tribute to the dearly departed. The bread, along with other food and drink the deceased person enjoyed, is offered as nourishment because they will be hungry after their journey from the “other side”.

You don’t need to be in Mexico to enjoy pan de Muerto.   Come to Oceanside Dia de los Muertos where the Dead Bread will be available, made by local Oceanside Bakery, La Perla Tapatia, for this event since 2005.

Individuals wishing to participate in the event may contact Dave Mears or Cathy Nykiel. Information is available on the event website:  http://www.mslrdiadelosmuertos.com.

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