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A Foreign Affair- San Diego Veterans’ Iraq War Memoir

San Diego CA— El Cajon resident and U.S. Navy veteran Amanda Matti’s debut book A Foreign Affair is far from your conventional military memoir, this sweeping Iraq War memoir tells the story of a forbidden romance between a female U.S. service member and her Iraqi translator.

A unique account that turns the tables on the common “war bride” scenario and stands testament that true love can blossom under the bleakest of conditions. Can love exist between two diverse individuals whose countries are at war?

When Amanda, a young U.S. Navy Analyst, deploys to Baghdad in the Summer of 2005, she does her best to prep mentally and physically to face the horrors of war. What she isn’t prepared for is to fall in love… with someone on the “other” side. For Amanda and her Iraqi translator Fahdi, it’s love at first sight.

While serving together near the front lines, the two realize their connection transcends cultures, countries and politics. Amanda knows she may be forced to choose between Fahdi and her career, but actually finds herself at the center of an international criminal investigation spearheaded by a trifecta of government agencies—the NSA, CIA and NCIS.

Spurred by a draconian double-standard, investigators quickly compile a speculative list of offenses Amanda may have committed as a result of her personal relationship with an Iraqi national.
Together, Amanda and Fahdi defy governments and cause international scandal as they fight for justice and love. A true story of romance and war, but above all, an epic love that overcomes incredible odds.

Amanda Matti’s debut book A Foreign Affair is now available at Amazon.com from W & B Publishers.
To learn more about A Foreign Affair, visit her website at www.AmandaMatti.com

About Amanda Matti

Amanda Matti served six years in the United States Navy, including a 2005 deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Following her separation from the military, she returned to the Middle East as a journalist working as a staff writer for an Amman, Jordan based magazine covering the July 2006 Israel-Lebanon War. She is currently writing her next book, Voicing the Eagle, a de facto prequel to A Foreign Affair that tells her husband’s story of being an Iraqi college student recruited right off his neighborhood street to translate for U.S. forces throughout the
course of the Iraq War.

Amanda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Political Studies and currently resides in El Cajon with her husband and their two young daughters.

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